Gorgeous Tribute Poem for Moorehawke

I’m just crawling up from the editing mines, folks, and what do I find as I emerge blinking into the sunshine? The following lovely message (and poem) from a fan of Moorehawke. Some mornings it’s just great to be alive. Thanks Allie D P Morris for making my day!

Hi there, I just wanted to float you a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying re-reading The Moorehawke Trilogy for the fourth or fifth time. It does such a good job of sucking me in. Today I took ‘The Poison Throne’ to the movies, read through the previews, and when they turned the lights off for the feature I thought ‘damn’. Then I was like ‘why did I even leave the house?’. I wrote the attached poem after another time I re-read them, all in a row, if you’re interested. Anyway, thanks for filling up my bookshelf with stuff I love. Have a great week!


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