Beyond the Stars Charity Anthology, Launch & Preorder

Beyond the Stars I’m proud to announce that we’ll be launching this lovely short story anthology on the 2nd of October in Easons on Dublin’s O’Connell St. Come and join us! All proceeds go to Fighting Words, the children’s writing center in Dublin.

International readers can preorder at all the usual online sites, and all the short stories are also available digitally for only 99p (or a little over 1 USD)

Anybody interested in preordering my short story The Last Cat, can do so HERE. All proceeds go to the Fighting Words Literacy project. (Blurb of The Last Cat: As snow falls on silent soldiers waiting either side of a bleak battlefield, a single black cat crosses no-mans-land, hoping against hope that one person will notice him before it is too late.)

To quote the wonderful Roddy Doyle below:

Beyond the Stars: Twelve Tales of Adventure, Magic and Wonder. You’ll be hearing a lot about this book as it’s a labour of love and was a true team effort. All proceeds in aid of Fighting Words. Stories by Roddy Doyle, John Boyne, Marita Conlon McKenna, Judi Curtin, Eoin Colfer, Celine Kiernan, Siobhán Parkinson, Derek Landy, Gordon Snell, Michael Scott, Oisín McGann; illustrations by Steve Simpson, Paul Howard, Chris Judge, Tatanya Feeny, Olywn Whelan, Niamh Sharkey, Alan Clarke, Michael Emberley, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, Chris Haughton and Oisin McGann.

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