Resonance Book Plate

Hi guys! I’ve finished drawing up the Resonance bookplates for my Australian publishers (so that I can ‘sign’ copies of Resonance without – you know – getting on a plane or burdening fed-ex too much) But I can’t decide what way to frame them for printing out.I know this seems like a trivial thing, but I think the framing makes all the difference to how the final artwork looks.  Help me out here, have a look at my three options:

(go to next page for artwork)

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9 Responses to Resonance Book Plate

  1. Marleen Kennedy says:

    Black & white without a doubt

  2. I like the all black border best, because you have those slight white lines around it, the wispy ones, already, and it doesn’t look as boxed in then ^^, but still border-like.

  3. Ali Isaac says:

    I prefer the third option, the black and white border.

  4. Oh I’m curious what one you went with. The third, black and white, is a catching one. 🙂

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