Putting the world in WorldCon

עוד דף אחד ודי

Look! It’s a post in English!

Mary Robinette Kowal linked to this statistical analysis of Hugo winners past, posted by Aidan Walsh: http://aidanrwalsh.com/2015/04/16/whose-rocket/

At the end of which, Aidan commented: “Nationality really surprised me. Unfortunately I expected women to be poorly represented, but I didn’t realise how overwhelmingly American it was. (maybe naivety on my part!)

And Mary commented: “Wow. We really need more world in WorldCon.

And I rolled my eyes.

Yes, there is an American bias in the Hugo awards. There is an American bias at cons in general. In fact I would argue that Science Fiction*, as we think of it today, is at its core an American genre. Other cultures and other languages contributed to the foundation of Science Fiction, and I do not downplay the importance of creators such as Jules Verne, Karel Čapek or Stanisław Lem. But the current fandom culture represented at cons, especially those cons more inclusive of film…

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