Bye bye, Raggedy Witches

Raggedy Witches, Done

So, Raggedy Witches is finally finished (and only a scant year and ten months in the writing! Remember when I thought it’d take me six months? LOLOLOL)

It’s with my agent now* and I’m awaiting editorial notes.

I think I’m going to kick back for a good long rest now. I mean it this time! One year off. One whole year in which I’m determined to do nothing but read, knit, research and try and decide which of my projects I’d like to get started on next (Oh… and promote Resonance of course)

I’ve been writing non-stop for over a decade now, rolling from one project to the next without any kind of break. It’s been great, a huge outpouring of creativity. But I’m shattered. I need to build up some steam again. I need to climb back out into the world for a bit without that hazy gauze over my vision where I’m looking at everything from far away because half my brain is lost in a reality of my own making. I need some fuel for the next bonfire.

Anyway, I’ve two whopping great manuscripts to edit. Come See the Sky and Begone the Raggedy Witches are very different properties. I may very well end up working on both edits simultaneously (how interesting!) I love editing, it’s without doubt my favourite part of the writing process. It’ll be super to have the space to do so without the ‘I’ve-not-done-my-homework’ feeling that I should also be writing.

BTW, do you fancy meeting up? It’s no secret that I do very few public appearances, but I’ll be one of the panelists at Octocon this year. Come along and say hi, get some books signed by the best in Irish SFF, have a nice time at one of the friendliest cons in the world 🙂


*It’s actually been with her for over a month. I’ve just been too busy to print the MS!


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