Magic Animal Personas from Kingscourt

I haven’t had a chance yet to add all the names and details to these brilliant drawings, but I’ve left the marvelous artists waiting far too long for their work to see the light of day. I need to share them with you now. These are the animal personas of the pupils from St Joseph’s National School in Kingscourt.

As ever, I came away from my visit thrilled and inspired. Our young people are astounding, simply astounding. I have hope for the future and for our planet when I speak to them. The highlight of this event? The moment when the conversation about repressed magic turned into an earnest discussion of how the children would help combat repression – their answer? (I’m tearing up thinking of it) They would risk their lives to set up an underground newspaper so that everyone’s truth could be heard. The whole class chipped in, offering their own unique talents to help the resistance (‘I’ll fly the papers around, because I’ll have wings’, ‘I’ll protect everyone because I’d be big and strong’, and – to much hilarity – ‘I’ll turn into a pizza and feed everyone’)

We could all learn from these kids. All of us. When challenged to combat repression, their first thought was opening new and honest channels of communication with each other, and protecting each other while doing so.


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