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Podcasts and tattoos

Sorry to be so rushed in these blog posts but I’m story-boarding to a very tight deadline so I barely have time to look up these days. First off, I did an interview with the lovely Aidan and Meg over … Continue reading

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El Trono Envenenado

Hi guys, I’ve always been delighted with the number of mails and messages I get from my Spanish language readers – both from Spain and from South America. I get a lot of queries re Spanish language sequels to El … Continue reading

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*punches air in triumph*

I’m so horribly behind in answering my fan-mails. Seriously I should be shot. I can only apologize (again), and promise (again) that I’ll catch up soon. BUT I got two separate messages this morning that so filled me with glee and pride and triumph … Continue reading

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Moorehawke animation work in progress…

(still can’t post swfs to the blog so click on the pic to see the animated scenes) This will be the last time I post this project as a WiP ( I’m going to wait until entire movie is completed … Continue reading

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BG Art: scene one

The background art for scene one of the Moorehawke animation I’m working on.

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Wyn & Christopher (slightly) animated

(I can’t upload swfs to the blog, but if you press the pic you’ll be taken to my DA account where you’ll see the animation) So these are the finished character designs for the Flash Animation I’m hoping to updating … Continue reading

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Wynter Moorehawke (slightly) animated.

I’m working on updating my flash animation portfolio. I thought I might as well have some fun with it and so I’m doing  a scene with Wynter and Christopher. I just finished Wynter’s character model today (the character designs always … Continue reading

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