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In future I shall have her bake a cake.

Grrrr. I’ve just tolerantly smiled my way through an e-mail lecture on how Wynter ‘betrayed’ Christopher by concentrating more on politics than on his feelings, and how she ‘doesn’t deserve his love’ – only to find I wasn’t, as I … Continue reading

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Wynter/Iseult fanart

Many thanks to Teoclio over at DeviantArt for this lovely drawing of Wynter (Iseult) Moorehawke. Teoclio has depicted Wynter as she is in The Poison Throne on her first night back in Jonathon’s palace, wearing her mother’s dress, and ready to … Continue reading

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Christopher Garron Bracelet Tattoo (In Full)

The lovely Edith of Tirindeth’s Books has sent me a photo of her completed tattoo. It is based  Christopher Garron’s Merron snake bracelets and on the design she asked me to do of them. So many hours of pain must have gone into … Continue reading

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Sól’s Bear Bracelets

I’m just using the last few days of my holidays to catch up on my backlog of drawings. This is the tied down design for the Merron bear bracelets that Sólmundr, Hallvor and (eventually) Christopher wear in The Moorehawke Trilogy. … Continue reading

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German edition of Rebel Prince!

Well hello, Konigspfade! Is that a map in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? (I do so love how the German maps are actual individual wee maps! SO COOL! ) (Photo taken in an excited rush on … Continue reading

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Three Step Trilogy Analysis, Radio Interviews, Record Breaks & shhhhh

Many thanks to the folks over at Yellow Brick Reads for chosing The Moorehawke Trilogy as the subject of this month’s Three Step Trilogy. I love YBR’s indepth, thoughtful approach to reviewing and I especially like their new Three Step … Continue reading

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Names, names, names redux

On a recent visit to Kings Hospital School in Dublin, a lovely young woman called Cassie asked me about the names used in Moorehawke. I had meant to link her to this post from  August 2010, but I had forgotten … Continue reading

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