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Shhh… don’t tell my daughter

Shhhhh… don’t tell my daughter, but this is a detail from her 19th birthday cake. I’m only showing a little detail because the entire cake is to be a surprise (not that she reads my blog anyway! But just in … Continue reading

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Snow, Writing & Palmerstown CS Graphic Novel Project

So this is what it looks like outside my window at the moment! (Vurry pretty, though potentially quite damaging to tonight’s planned trip to Dublin and  popcorn-guzzling enjoyment of Les Mis.  Ah well…) I won’t blind your eyes with an interior … Continue reading

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Apologies to my workshop kids!

Guys, I’m so so sorry! I know you’ve been waiting some while now to see your drawings and stories up online. You must think I’ve forgotten all about you, but I haven’t! I’ve just been a touch overwhelmed. Event season … Continue reading

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WiP Wordle

Heee. I should be working ( and I will be. I SWEAR IT. Any minute now I’m about to settle down and pump out today’s requisite word count) but I got a teensy bit distracted. At the weekend writing course … Continue reading

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Dublin Pride Parade Saturday

Unfortunately Ireland is still a country where teachers, doctors and members of the armed forces (to name a very small few) still feel very uncomfortable coming out as gay*. Many folks, especially of my generation and older are still convinced they’d be … Continue reading

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A Change of Perspective

So, I sat back down to the new book today. I did this with a mingled sense of anticipation and fear as I haven’t written a word on it since 3pm the 8th of January 2012, and – as far … Continue reading

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Thanks, apologies, and a Shelob cocooned baby Jesus

So, I got up early this morning with the best of intentions and a long list of things-to-do. I climbed from the haze of last night’s ‘Sherlock Holmes Two’ disappointment and subsequent one-too-many gin and tonics, and stumbled downstairs while the family slept the … Continue reading

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