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Playing with Digital Art

Hi guys, Long Covid/ CFS is still kicking my arse, so I’ll keep it short. Playing with digital software at the moment, mostly because I’m too shattered to do anything physical and digital art can be done while laying down … Continue reading

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Dudes, stop reading your reviews!

In light of yet another instance of reviewer bashing I’d like to reproduce here a small post I made on the AbsoluteWrite forums re the oft repeated fallacy that writers can learn from their reviews: Reviews are not the place to … Continue reading

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The only blog post I’ll make re Steubenville

The Steubenville rape trial has provoked a lot of excellent discussion in which I’ve partaken to some extent privately elsewhere online. In short, the best articles I think you can read on the matter are Laurie Penny’s wonderful article in … Continue reading

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In future I shall have her bake a cake.

Grrrr. I’ve just tolerantly smiled my way through an e-mail lecture on how Wynter ‘betrayed’ Christopher by concentrating more on politics than on his feelings, and how she ‘doesn’t deserve his love’ – only to find I wasn’t, as I … Continue reading

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Dear Internet Reviewers of a Certain Type

In light of yet another friend having received a link (this time via twitter) can I ask what it is that certain reviewers hope to achieve in linking an author to an execrable review of their work? What is it you are hoping will be the … Continue reading

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Let no more women die …

In response to Savita Halappanavar’s needless and shocking death, due to being denied a lifesaving abortion in Galway Hospital this October, I have written to my local TDs and reminded them that it has been over twenty years since the Irish people voted to protect … Continue reading

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And this again…

Sadly, it’s time to post this again. I’m beginning to think I should wear some kind of badge. It’s understandable I suppose, the folks to whom I give writing classes and lectures etc are forewarned about what they may see on the … Continue reading

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A brief note from the depths of the editing well…

Semi related link added 08/03/2012: Cat Valente’s terrific article discussing publishing Semi related link, added 5/02/2012: Ewan Morrison’s interesting article exploring the possible consequences of what he calls the ‘selfpublishing e-bubble‘ If one more person sends me an Amanda Hocking link I … Continue reading

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In which I let specifics speak for themselves.

A good friend who I’ve known for a very long time just announced she can no longer pay her US health insurance. She is a married woman with no kids. I won’t comment, here are the pure unadulterated facts of … Continue reading

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