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Raggedy Witch Conceptual Sketch

Been messing around a fair bit today, drawing conceptual artwork in preparation for the Raggedy Witches: Wild Magic animated video I hope to make next year. Mup and the Raggedy Witches may not stay looking like this but I quite … Continue reading

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Sorry for the Silence

I’m writing Begone the Raggedy Witches 2…

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Bye bye, Raggedy Witches

So, Raggedy Witches is finally finished (and only a scant year and ten months in the writing! Remember when I thought it’d take me six months? LOLOLOL) It’s with my agent now* and I’m awaiting editorial notes. I think I’m going … Continue reading

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Some old style animation (this is what’s been keeping me quiet)

Hi guys, I know I’ve been terribly quiet here for a while (though you can still catch me on twitter occasionally) I was actually animating again for a while.  I thought I’d share a little scene so you can see … Continue reading

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And so, once again, I’m done…

After two years four months of hard graft, I’ve finished my latest novel. It’s printed out. It’s been sent to my agent. I’ve done all I can on it for now. This was a tough one. Possibly one of the hardest … Continue reading

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