Seriously : Leslie Odom Jr, Sara Bareilles

This. This. This. The beauty and power of this.

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Octocon 2016 : schedule and sales room

I’ll be at a guest at Octocon  again this weekend! In case you don’t know, Octocon is a SFF convention held in Dublin – and one of the very few I feel comfortable attending. It’s small, friendly, and very creative-oriented which means it features a wealth of in-depth, stimulating (and fun) conversations between panels of professional writers and artists every year. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in reading/writing or viewing anything SFF oriented.

This year I’ll have a sales table (I don’t usually) As a tribute to my designers I’ll be selling those international editions of Moorehawke, Resonance and Into the Grey which feature my favourite covers and which aren’t usually available in Ireland.

I’ll also be selling Moorehawke, Resonance and Into the Grey related badges 😀 (see photo below)

Moorehawke, Resonance and Into the Grey badges.

Moorehawke, Resonance and Into the Grey badges.

OK, so below is my schedule for the weekend, if you feel like catching up with me specifically. You can also probably catch me in the sales room between panels. CLICK HERE for the full schedule and all the other fantastic guests 

Celine’s Schedule 

The Feels Panel: Punching People In The Heart

Friday 19:00 – 20:00, A. Tivoli/Yeats room (Camden Court Hotel)

Why do we like to be emotionally tortured by the fate of fictional characters? How do you break the frozen heart? Feels & How To Generate Them: a guide from the masters of making us cry.

Janet O’Sullivan (M), Diane Duane, Michael Carroll, Celine Kiernan


Saturday 10:00 – 11:00, A. Tivoli/Yeats room (Camden Court Hotel)

From the Wee Free Men to Star Trek to Judge Dredd, what are the elements you have to protect and where can you get away with innovation beyond style when moving from one medium to another?

Michael Carroll, Rhianna Pratchett, Diane Duane, Peter Morwood, Celine Kiernan, Janet O’Sullivan (M)

The Arc of Women’s Fandom

Saturday 14:00 – 15:00, E. Wexford room (Camden Court Hotel)

On the spaces women have been carving out for each other in fandom, the fandoms women create, and how those spaces can get taken away and reclaimed. Who are the women who built these spaces? What makes these spaces worth fighting for when they no longer feel safe? What makes women-led fandom unique?

Ruth F. Long, Maura McHugh, Celine Kiernan, Fionnuala Murphy (M)

Writers vs. Animators

Saturday 17:00 – 18:00, A. Tivoli/Yeats room (Camden Court Hotel)

Creating animation is a complex and sometimes rewarding process. Explore the path of the creative energy that crackles from one side of the drawing board to the other.

John Vaughan (M), Diane Duane, Peter Morwood, Celine Kiernan, Paul Bolger

Late Night Panel: LGBTQIA Representation In Genre Fiction

Saturday 19:00 – 20:00, C. Gaiety room (Camden Court Hotel)

We have gone from minor characters to major characters to being worried who represents us. From dying in the first act to being the lead. What works of fiction are moving LGBTQIA representation beyond being “those poor unfortunate souls”?

James Brophy (M), Dave Ferguson, Danielle Lavigne, Lora O’Brien, Ruth F. Long, Celine Kiernan

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Identity & Narrative: A Response to Lionel Shriver

Foz Meadows’ excellent dissection of all that was wrong with Lional Shriver’s Brisbane keynote address.

shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

There is, I’ve come to realise, a certain type of hypocrisy that occurs when eloquent, successful practitioners of reflexive self-defence neglect to consider the consistency of their arguments. It’s a tactic which relies in large part on those arguments not being written down or otherwise recorded: it’s much harder to establish that your interlocutor is contradicting a prior claim if they’ve never made it to your face, or if no handy verbatim record exists, and especially if they deny ever having said it. Your memory must be to blame, or else your comprehension: either way, they’re in the right, and will doubtless continue to be so.

Unless, of course, a transcript is produced.

Lionel Shriver is not an author whose books I’ve ever read for the same reason that I’ve never subjected myself to Jonathan Franzen: the woes of modern day, middle class white people is a genre in which I have…

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Raggedy Witches 2 (The Wild Magic Trilogy)

Just so you know what has been keeping me so quiet recently. A teeny tiny bit of the new book:

Mup flew upwards through the falling snow, a red-coated dash of colour skimming the stones of the castle walls. She had kicked the window shut before leaping into the air, and she doubted Dr Emberly Snr would guess she’d gone outside. But she knew she needed to get to the roof as quickly as possible, and away from the prying eyes. Up she flew and up, zigging and zagging to avoid the windows, up and up until she was among the turrets and the gutters and grim stone faces of the gargoyles. She paused, floating. The ground was a postage stamp of white below her, the walls dropping sheer like cliffs.

She wasn’t even slightly afraid of the height.

The wind sliced across the peak of the roof, whipping the ears of her rabbit hat, flapping her scarf like a banner. I’m glad I grabbed my coat, she thought, tying the hat-ears below her chin and squinting up at the towers and turrets and roofs which still loomed above her. Why on earth does Crow like it so much up here?

She knew her friend would be on the highest tower, perched on the weather-vane. Dad called this Crow’s thinking place. Crow called it his sulking place. Mup suspected it was a little of both. After years of not being wanted, Crow wasn’t used to living with a family, and Mup knew he needed to be alone sometimes. More than that, Mup suspected Crow needed a place he could call his own. Cold and lonely and uncomfortable as it was, the roof had become Crow’s territory. He would retreat here in the same way that Mup might retreat to her bedroom, for a bit of peace and quiet. Mup had always respected that, and had never tried to intrude on his privacy.

Until today, that is. Today she didn’t hesitate to intrude, and she launched herself upwards, following her own shadow across the steep slopes of the roofs and around the snow-covered turrets until she got to the place where she knew Crow would be.

He was perched on the weather-vane, his back to her, watching the sky. A distant gang of ravens flew in loose formation, heading North. Mup could just about hear their rusty cries as she landed on the narrow ridge tiles.

She crouched for balance, still completely unafraid of the height. Snow dislodged from beneath her booted feet, rolled down the roof, and fell to the yard below. It was extraordinary to be up so high. Witches Borough stretched out on all sides: the frozen river, the miles of sleeping forest, and far off in the foggy distance the hint of snowy fields. By some trick of the architecture, the wind wasn’t so bad up here, and the snow fell quite peacefully all around them, the sky close and grey and soft as feathers.

Mup rose to her feet. At this movement, Crow spun around, startled, and Mup realised he hadn’t noticed her arrival. He covered his fright in a furious bristling of feathers. He hopped from foot to foot. He chattered his beak in outrage.

Mup held up her hand. ‘Crow, I need to talk.’


OK. Hope you enjoyed that. 

Back to work for me now, 


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a little defiant, sparkly, strutting love

Because the world needs a little defiant, sparkly, strutting love today

(Erasure: The Innocents: 1988)

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Sorry for the Silence


I’m writing Begone the Raggedy Witches 2…

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Animated BookCover INTO THE GREY

To celebrate INTO THE GREY being £1.09 as part of the Kindle spring sale, I made a little animated bookcover. Sadly I can’t share the swf here, so I made this wee AVI of it.

Hope you like it 😀


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