Readers’ Letters

Kevin Freer (Ireland?)

Dear Celine,
Recently read The Moorehawke Trilogy & just this minute completed Resonance.
Thank you in all cases for a unique, absorbing, unexpected and wonderful experience.

Mandy (Australia??) Resonance

I don’t think I’ve thought this long or this deeply about about book before. My mind is spinning. I feel haunted by it. In a good way. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

Isa (Netherlands) Resonance

I just wanted to say that I finally read Resonance last December! I really, really enjoyed it. It’s a very interesting concept, with a wonderful execution! I read a 150 books last year, so after a while, some books start to blur together,  but yours is truly one of the books that really stayed with me after I read it. I guess you could say it really ‘resonated’ with me- lol, crappy pun.

Lots of love,

Isa (you might remember me (probably not) as the very very fangirly girl who talked to you about into the grey and the moorehawke trilogy, about a year and a half ago)

Dr McDonnell (Ireland) Resonance

Tina and Joe forever!

(personal sections and spoilers have been removed) It’s been a long time since I was that emotionally invested in characters in a book, and not just them(Tina and Joe); Cornelius and Vincent’s friendship was great and Harry, who barely knew anyone, still knew how to do right by his new friends. Also, the kids were so creepy and amazing, and the reference to the ‘Stick Men’ was truly inspired and chilling. The whole idea (as far as I could see) of looking for someone, or something, to complete your life was really moving. By funny coincidence I saw a documentary about the planet Jupiter the other day, and how, in the early years of the solar system, it spiralled closer to the sun. Saturn followed it in until, by chance I believe, their orbits aligned in resonance and this catapulted them back out to the outer solar system, thereby allowing the closer planets, including Earth, to develop. So ‘resonance’ literally created human life and the solar system as we know it! Deep thinking for a Saturday evening. 🙂

Maitiú (Ireland) The Moorehawke Trilogy

Dear Celine,

My adoration of the Moorehawk Trilogy has inspired me to write to you, in thanks, for creating such incredible work. I am a sixteen year old student from (), and this morning I found your books stowed away in my overflowing bookshelf and was reminded of how  great they are. Your books were the first books ever to really touch me, and they sparked a love of literature inside me that has never been extinguished.

I was around eleven years old when I came across “The Poison Throne,” in a small charity shop. I knew from the first page that I had to have this book, and I was already on chapter two after the car journey home. The depth of colourful imagery and enthralling storyline of the book amazed me and I was devastated to reach the last page. I can remember my excitement and anticipation to read “The Crowded Shadows”. I crafted stories in my mind about what wold happen to Wynter next, whenever boredom got a hold of me. For the first time, reading was my escape, and I realised that creativity could be endless. After what seemed like forever, I finally got a copy of the book. I can vividly remember my joy on Christmas morning as I unwrapped the book, knowing what awaited me inside. I laugh now as remember how I’d put a limit of 100 pages on how much I was allowed to read each day. I was going to take time to enjoy the book. I have to say that “The Crowded Shadows,” is my favourite book of the trilogy, most likely because of my passion for Irish language and culture. I so much enjoyed the depiction of tribal life in the story as well as the idea of a journey with an unknown end, based solely on Wynter’s determination. Finally, “The Rebel Prince,” brought an absolute end to the complex story and showed how battle can bring clarity and peace to confusion and anguish.

In general, the way in which you dealt with the themes of love, loss, death, hope, fear and joy opened my mind to the beauty of life and certainly helped me to develop as an individual. I truly love every aspect of your writing and look forward to reading some more of your work. I thank you for sharing your talent with the world and hope that every success comes your way in the future.

Yours sincerely,


Luis (Colombia) The Poison Throne

(personal elements of this lovely letter have been taken out) …Last week we were camping, we made a fire and we read to some friends some chapters of the poison throne. They were charmed, just like your book charmed us…

Maureen (Ireland) Resonance

I think this (book) is like eating a biscuit cake, and you think you know what you’re getting, but then someone put popping candy in there, and you’re like “what the!??!?!” but then you’re like “wait! this is cool!”

Lorraine (Ireland) Resonance

Feck it you can write, missus.

Rebecca Lim (Australia) Resonance

I have just DEVOURED the last 300 pages of Resonance in one feverish sitting and have no words. The sprawling magnificence of this book!

Natasha (Australia) Resonance

I just finished Resonance. Thank you for challenging my assumptions at every turn. I still don’t know what was going on exactly, but I do know I loved it .

Pauline (location unknown. UK?)

Moorehawke is Wolf Hall with talking cats! I wish they’d make a Moorehawke TV series just like Wolf Hall. Damian Lewis would be marvolous as either Jonothan or Lorcan. Can you make this happen, please? I’ll sit here patiently waiting.

Claire (Location unknown) The Moorehawke Trilogy

(below contains a BIG spoiler for The Rebel Prince. If you don’t want to be spoiled don’t highlight the whited-out text

Hello Celine my name is Claire and I just had to right to you.Only a few hours ago i finished reading The Rebel Prince and I thought it was amazing.I love the Moorehawke Trilogy and I think you are a brilliant author.Some people say its just a book but i think it is much more than that.Some times after reading your books at night I find myself thinking of all the things that are happening in the book and wondering what is going to happen next.I find you an inspiration and am in love with the characters in your books especially Wynter who is such a strong ferocious and couragous young woman.I have a  question for you about The Rebel Prince.Does Razi ever get his memory back? I would be delighted if you could reply but I understand you must get loads of fans emailing you.Also when i be able to get your new book Resonance?

Yours truly,a lover of the moorehawke trilogy,Claire.

Laura (Colombia) The Poison Throne


Pamela (Germany)

Dear Celine Kiernan, my english is not so good, but i try it. I love to read your books, especially the books of the “moorehawke trilogy”. I have read the first two books in one week and they were wonderful. Now I wanted to read the last book but I cann`t buy it in germany, only as a e-book. But I don`t like e-books. I like it, to see a book into the shelf.  I hope, that you write more of such wonderful books. Yours faithfully Pamela

Leanne (AUS) The Moorehawke Trilogy

I recently finished reading the Moorehawke Trilogy, it was such an experience that I had to write to you to say thank you for writing such amazing books. I read them in a frenzy of little sleep and infrequent begrudging snacking. I haven’t been so captivated by a story in years. I’m so glad that I came across your series in my local indy bookstore, with a glowing staff review, and insanely gorgeous cover art. So glad.

Specifically, I adore your characters. I was so taken with how they loved each other, especially Razi, Wynter and Christopher. Both the platonic and romantic shades of love were beautiful to read, but in particular the platonic affections between Razi and Wynter, and between Christopher and Razi. I truthfully sat in awe thinking about it for long mid-reading moments, and longer post-reading moments. In fact I’m still thinking about it. It’s a love to aspire to – to be capable of giving and to receive.

Maybe because of this, it was impossible for me to read the books with anything less than complete and utter unconditional love for Razi, Wynter and Christopher, and later, Alberon. That was a real treat for me as a reader. And Christopher… Geez! Please tell him to come out of his fictional world an into mine, because I love him.

Also: the Wolves! The Wolves being actual Wolves (some of the time)! I don’t have enough vocabulary to describe how delighted I was when I read that. The impact of that little gem, and others like it, was so much greater because of the sneaky way you drop such bombs. So surprising, so unassuming, and so very, very brilliant.

Finally, on the bloody machine. It was days after I finished reading the series that the full impact of your story really hit me. I realised you’d managed to show my terribly overexposed eyes/mind/heart a machine gun with fresh eyes/mind/heart. It was a devastating realisation, and I’m grateful for it.

So thank you, Celine. Really, really thank you. Thank you for all of that.

I hope one day to produce a story even half as good as the Moorehawke Trilogy. It is art, it is entertainment, and now, to me, it is a series of three text books. A ‘How to Write a Bloody Fantastic Story Practical Masterclass Extravaganza’.

You’re awesome. Hope work brings you to Australia sometime… like for the Brisbane Writer’s Festival.

All the best to you,



Angela (IRE) Moorehawke Trilogy

Dear Celine,

my name is Angela (). I am 16 years old and from (). This message probably won’t even reach you personally though I said I’d give it a shot. I realise that you must receive an abundance of such messages and emails, but I just want you to be aware of my admiration for you. I am in love with the Moorhawke trilogy and Wynter and Christopher and Razi; they are perfect. I have read each book twice and they are so amazing and brilliant! I dont think I have ever experienced such a frenzy of emotions. I just need to clarify, is Christopher one of the Sevenths of the Loup-Garous? If so, why was he never claimed by the Wolves, and if not, how does he posses his wolfish nature? I accept that it has been a few years since you created this masterpiece but I would really appreciate a reply

(NOTE: I’ve answered Angela’s questions in a PM)



John Lechner (USA) The Poison Throne

I just finished listening to The Poison Throne. Wow, it was so good! Loved the characters, the writing, the story. So vivid and rich. The character relationships were so good, and I sympathized with everyone. I loved the inner struggle of the characters. The relationship between Wynter and her father was so powerful, their goodbye so heartbreaking. I loved the settings, the description of the busy kitchen was brilliant, the tense banquet hall, the stables – all so rich and colorful. I also liked how you took on big ideas like prejudice, gender roles, class struggle, and even death, all without intruding on the story.  I’m looking forward to the next book! 🙂

Lisa(IRE) (Moorehawke Trilogy)

Hi Celine,
I just wanted to say thank you for your books. I write quite frequently(this is probably the thousandth time you’ve heard that one!), one day I started a random paragraph and now it 30,000 words and counting! I want to say you are a huge inspiration to me not only as a woman, but as a fellow Irish person. I loved how you included Irish throughout the book as the Merron language and your characters were so easy to grow attached to. You and Christopher Paolini are the reason I write and really this email is just to say thank you. Also I missed your meet and greet in Dublin, will you be doing one again? I would love to get my books signed. Thank you for everything, keep writing!

Vocaloidgirl(USA)(via my DApage)

Are you seriously the actual Celine Kiernan?!?? OMG I love The Moorehawke Trilogy sooooo much!!! I am currently reading The Rebel Prince, and it is amazing so far You are one amazing author AND artist!! Keep up the great work!!

Praline(Poland)(via my DApage)

Thank you very much for the watch*. I’m a really big fan of your books and drawings . Poland loves you ❤
*a ‘watch’ means following someone’s artwork on DA****

Aisling(IRE) (Moorehawke Trilogy(spoiler warn, don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for major things in The Rebel Prince.)
Dia dhuit Celine! Aisling is ainm dom agus téim go scoil Merron. Cónaím in Éireann agus thug mo chara Éabha “The Poison Throne” dom don chéad uair. Léigh mé é agus cheap mé go raibh sé iontach. Thug sí an dha leabhar eile dom ansin, agus is brea liom an slí a scríobh tú iad go léir. Is maith liom an slí a thaispeain tú céard a raibh ag tharla i domhan Wynter/Iseult agus Razi agus gach duine eile. Ní raibh mé in ann é a chreidúint nuair a fuair Lorcan bas! An riamh faigheann Razi a cuimhneachan ar ais? Is brea liom an slí a phósann Chris Wynter! Ta Chris an carachtéir is fearr sa leabhar! Beidh mé an-sasta da mbéadh tú in ann phost a chuir ar ais dom! Slan, Aisling

Translation: Hello Celine! My name is Aisling and I go to a Merron school. I live in Ireland and my friend Éabha lent me “The Poison Throne” for the first time. I read it and I thought that it was brilliant. She then gave me the two other books, and I love the way you wrote them all. I like the way that you showed what was happening in Wynter/Iseult, Razi, and everyone else’s world. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Lorcan died! Also, did Razi ever get his memory back? I love the way that Chris marries Wynter! I think that Chris is the best character in the whole trilogy! I would be delighted if you could reply to this email! Goodbye, Aisling

Laura(AUS) (Moorehawke Trilogy(spoiler warn, don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rebel Prince.)
Hi my names Laura, I’m 14 and from Australia. I am writing to you with a few questions I would like to ask about the Moorehawke Trilogy. They are absolutely fantastic books and I really enjoyed reading them, they were so entertaining and I always like reading them. I would just like to say thank you for writing these amazing books because they really are a great read. I would definitely like it if any more books came out in this series :). I normally don’t like to ask questions because I like to decide for myself exactly what happens afterwards in the books I read but in this case it is different, I was just a little confused as to the ending in the rebel prince (not that it wasn’t a great ending because I believe it was). Does Razi ever get his memory back? Did Razi end up with Mary and was it the King who ended up having a kid with and marrying Marguerite Shirken? Thank you so much if you could reply 🙂 Laura 🙂

Ioana (Spain) (El Trono Envenenado)

Jen. USA (Moorehawke)
My daughter M() tells us, “So this kid in my class was being sexist.. he said I’m a girl so I either have to get married and have babies or be a crazy cat lady. So I told him, ‘I am not a slave to my belly, so f*ck off!’ And you know where I got that from? Moorehawk!”

I was so proud of my girl Thanks for the positively feminist influence on my preteen!

Madeliene. AUS (The Moorehawke Trilogy)


I LOVE your books, so much… EVERY SINGLE ONE. I think I’ve read the Moorehawke Trilogy about a dozen times and I can pretty much pinpoint what happens in each chapter – these are my FAVOURITE books ever. Seriously, ever. Once I finished the Rebel Prince, I actually couldn’t sleep that night because I was thinking so much about the book and about what could have happened in the five years after the book finished. Wyn was an amazing character to relate to, and I felt as if every single word she spoke was my own. Christopher gobsmacked me (honestly I had a huuuuuge book crush on him) & the moments they had together are actually highlighted in my copy of the books.

I don’t think any other books have made me feel this way, nor have they captured my imagination as much as this one has. I have learnt a lot not just about language, but history and politics from this book as they are very very very accurate 🙂 I love how you included the Merron. I ALSO LOVED THE WAY CHRISTOPHER SPOKE TO WYNTER I WAS LIKE OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY DEARRRRRR AWWWWWWW!!!! I honestly have a very very very high expectation for boys now 😛

Thank you so much for writing not just these books, but all your others – and i look forward to any more books that may come.

Madeleine, 14, Australia.
Maggie (NZ) (The Moorehawke Trilogy)
Dearest Maggie,

I’m not going to display your very beautiful letter in public. But I do want to acknowledge how much it means to me, and how proud I am of you. Big hugs to you, my dear, and so many thanks for sharing your strength and honesty with me,


Celine Kiernan.

L & L (Columbia) (The Poison Throne)
Dear Celine,
I’m simply want to thank you from my deep inside… I really find your book a magic door to my stressful and kind of boring daily life…
This is my story about how I find your book:
(Time: One month ago…)
It was around 4:00 pm, a rainy and fresh day flooded the streets in P() – Colombia. I was walking with my girl hand by hand through our fantasy world of love and philosophical chatting… Suddenly, appeared a big cristal door of a mall shop called “P() P()” and I remembered there is a big library and I invite her to enter to find something unexpected…
We were talking about our favorite authors, topics and books, later taking some books from a hiden corner a red book falled near to me (because I was sitted down on the floor like a child in a grosery store)… So, I take the red book in my hands and instantly I feel its smell, then I falled in love of it… I share that “forbidden apple” with my girl (Like in the story of that 2000-yeared book of Jesus), and we can’t stopped to bitted it and feed our hungry of adventure…
Simply, that was first-sight love… And now my girl and I we’re joined more than yesterday thanks to your brilliant and charmy book, because we talk hours and hours about the storie and we can’t wait anymore to buy the second and thirth part.
Thank you very much for your work, my girl send you too much hugs and said: “Hope your path always be blessed and protected by the glorius pages of your beloved books”.
L and L.
PS: We have the spanish version of your book but sadly we found many synthactic and gramatical errors in the printing, think is a good idea to talk with “Ediciones Oniro S.A.” (From Barcelona – España) who was the editor and translator of your book into spanish version.
Despite this, We love your book.

Maria(Poland) (Moorehawke Trilogy(mild spoiler warn, don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for a small thing in The Rebel Prince.)

Hi Celine,
I’m 15 years old. I was born in Poland and I love fantastic books 😀
I really love your trilogy 🙂 It’s a perfect books. I can’t express how I like Your trilogy.
The only thing that I don’t like is 5 years later in The Rebel Prince. Many of the things we missed. Like a : Wynter’s wedding and her 5 years with Christopher. Anyway I really really want, Write more parts of the trilogy. If you can. I’m sure that more people want it too. Please, If you write more books of your trilogy, You will don’t things lake a “5 years later…” or “ten yers later…”.
I love your books and it was only request 🙂 You do ,what you think is good 🙂 Please write more parts of this trilogy. I’m waiting impatiently :)P

Jan (AUZ/NZ) (Taken Away/Into the Grey)
Just encountered and read “Taken Away” – bloody brilliant! I am a long way from Ireland and probably even further from being a young adult, but it had me right there. Thank you!

Edith (Poland) (The Poison Throne, The Crowded Shadows.)
I love your books, they are excellent! I have read only the first and second volume – in Poland we are still waiting for the last volume of “The Moorehawke Trylogy”. I love the character Christopher Garron – you have created the perfect figure! I am delighted and happy that I could know such a beautiful story. If you want, soon I will write a review for your book – in Polish, but I can translate it for you. Thank you for everything! You are the best, Celine!!! Take care and see you!
Edith’s review of The Poison Throne And of The Crowded Shadows


Shoko (Aus) (Taken Away/Into the Grey)

Dear Celine,
I finished Into the Grey and loved it!
I know you don’t really read reviews, but here’s anyway a link to mine on Goodreads.
I’m also spreading the love for both the Moorehawke trilogy and this book 🙂
Warm wishes,

Fraser (Scotland) (Taken Away/Into the Grey)

Hey there, () Celine,
finally had the chance to finish “Into The Grey” last night – and, boy – was I ever grateful for the chance to sleep off the harrowing experience of being IN The Grey with Patrick, Dom, Lorry, Francis and James – it’s that compelling, that hypnotic and (particularly for anyone who’s been there with the dementia care at home scenario) that well-observed.
Top of today’s shopping list is tracking down all those refreshing, life-affirming Toots & The Maytalls tracks on iTunes….!
What an extraordinary and unique book – and what a stirring partner experience to digging into my Great Uncle Charlie’s WW1 experiences (he’s the one who was killed at Ypres in 1916). You must very proud of the book, Celine…? And I’m sure the reader feedback must have been pretty lively and moving as well?
Natasha (Australia) (The Moorehawke Trilogy)

I have read all you books and I LOVE them. The first book lured me in straight away, I love how they are structured and how you have described and made the characters out to be. I have thought of trying to e-mail you before, but I was speechless. So I am trying again but the words of how much I actually love the Moorehawke Trilogy is unspoken.
I am 14 and your books have helped me a lot in English. I have been lately not doing well but now I am fully functioning in my subjects. I just wanted to say your books are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha, Australia
Julia(Germany) (The Moorehawke Trilogy)

Hi Celine, when I was reading The Poison Throne I was overwhelmed!!!
I have more than 150 (: D) books at home and clearly are all something special, but your book is just do wonderful!! Just perfect, I immediately fell in love with the character of Christopher:)
Your book went by way too fast and I waited impatiently for the book The Crowded Shadows I bought it immediately and began to read. I just could not stop reading it, I read it within 2 days of and since I am waiting impatiently for The Rebel Prince comes out by us. ( Germany )
I would be pleasantly surprised if you could answer me this question How did it happen that you have these books written? What is christopher become what he is? Did you know directly that he would be so? I find this figure simply remarkable. both very strong but also vulnerable, I love it how you describe the relationship between him and wynter!!
The language in your book allowed me to fall in love or hate with every character that happened to come into the story.
^ I agree with Sonja from Ireland!
I compared everything in my world, with that of wynter, christopher and razi. I could almost put myself in each situation of wynter, Christoher and Razi
I know I’m just a fan of many but I hope you read my e-mail :’)) I would be glad if you’d find the time to answer me:)
all love Julia (14)
Ps. Sorry for my very bad English! xDDD
Jessie(NZ) (The Moorehawke Trilogy)

Hello Celine (Mrs Kiernan? Celly? How should I address you?) First of all, it’ll be a miracle if I get the email address for this right as I am completely technologically handicapped, despite being a teenager (how sad is that?) and secondly I very much doubt you can possibly read all of your fan mail because you must get jillions of emails each day, but I would just like to say I think you are fabulous and your books are fabulous and they fill me with joy. However, I’ve never really sent fan mail before and if I’m going to do a thing I’d like to do it right and send an actual letter. (It’s snail mail but I think it’s nice.) So if anyone ever actually does end up reading this, could they please send me back an address I can post it to? I couldn’t find one on the website, but would really love to send an actual letter if that’s possible! Thanks so much, I LOVE your books and I am constantly fighting with my friends, cousin and mother over who gets to read them. I am spreading the magic of the moorehawkes throughout NZ, don’t worry! 😉 Jessie
Sonja (Ireland) (The Moorehawke Trilogy)

I’ll never forget picking up The Poison Throne in my local library, it was the old cover, the one with the red cover and raven, at the name alone was enough to catch my attention, I remember i had begun reading in the car on the way home and was barely able to put it down, my friends were even constantly asking me how i could read during lunch breaks where all there seemed to be was noise.

It wasn’t just noise when I was reading you book, I was in another world, I was in Wynter, Razi and Christopher’s world, a masterfully described world where I always seemed to find myself landed in whenever I fell asleep. The language in your book allowed me to fall in love or hate with every character that happened to come into the story.

I remember ordering the second book online because I knew I had to read it. Then, a week ago my dad bought me the third one, and finally Wyn, Razi and Chris’s story reached its end for me, I’ll even admit, when I reached the last page, I was giddy and hopping from foot to foot with happiness.

I’m 16 years old, when I was 13 I started writing a book because in my head, i wanted to be famous and rich, but at 14 I read the Moorehawke Trilogy and was inspired to write just because I wanted to make someone feel the way you made me feel while I read those books. For two and a half years I wrote and wrote and I’ll admit, procrastination got the better of me at times, but this week I finished what I had been writing, I never thought I’d do it, but it was always my desire to feel the way that you made me feel that spurred me to write and i never gave up.

I just wanted to thank you. This can mean a lot to you or nothing at all. I’m sure you’ve heard from a million of your fans who want to be writers and thats fine, I don’t blame you if you skip over this, or glance at it deem it as long winded and wander off, this isn’t here to prove anything to anyone, I just wanted you to know that if you’ve inspired me, you’ve inspired thousands. 🙂

PS. If there happens to be a movie, I can totally rock the red head look.. 😀 lol 🙂
Elaine (USA) (The Moorehawke Trilogy)

Thanks so much for the books, I deeply enjoyed them after coming across them by fluke when getting re-acquainted with my local library. Though a fair way off the young adult age myself I normally enjoy young adult styled books and when I came across the Moorehawke trilogy it sucked me right in and I’ve been fairly lost in them the past week- it’s great to be on leave and have the luxury of getting lost in good books again!

Milzinberry (AUS)(via my DA Page )

(I) just finished Rebel Prince. One of the greatest series I’ve ever read. Just amazing, I loved them so much, you had me hooked from beginning to end. Never thought I’d love a book so much.
Titanlunatic (AUS)(via my DA page) (mild spoiler warn, don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for a small thing in The Rebel Prince.)
Wow…I never thought I’d find an author Deviant, I’ll admit, I just liked the books at first because of the awesome cover (AUS), but I love the books and the characters, and everything else now =D And wow…just wow 8D
I love your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
I love the fantasy/medieval setting!!! And it’s not even cliche, cause I thought that it would end up with a Wyn/Albi relationship, but Wyn/Chris is awesome!!! 😀 And I love the fact that you added Cori into the epilogue as an grumpy old cat =D So can you speak both Irish and English?
Anyway, hope you have a veeery Merry Christmas!!!

Kiah (USA) (Moorehawke Trilogy)

Dear Miss Kiernan,
I am currently reading your Moorehawk trilogy, only having The Rebel Prince left to finish. Honestly, I just wanted to email you to tell you that I think your an amazing writer and I truly enjoy reading these books. It’s not often that I find books that have the right amount of adventure, the perfect dash of romance and the amazing comedy that I have found combined in your books. Even the sadness makes the story that much more amazing. I just love them.
I have to admit, I am an american and so I have a question that will probably sound ridiculous…How do you pronounce Wynter’s real name, Iseult? I’ve been trying to figure it out but I highly doubt I have it even close to right. If you would be kind enough to reply to this email (though I bet your pretty busy), I would really appreciate.
Your brilliant, Miss Kiernan, bloody brilliant. 🙂
Forever your fan,

Sturmi (Germany) (via my DA page)

Whhhew. I’m in the middle of reading “The Rebel Prince” atm and I typed your name in the search field here and… was surprised. Ö.Ö Wouldn’t have thought you actually had an account here. I expected a few fanarts and that’s it but this was better. Even if Chris and Razi are both looking a wee bit too old in your drawings for my taste. But that’s alright, I was delighted to find your pics. I really really enjoy(ed) your books, they are so very refreshing and highly original. And you write such a dense atmosphere together its unsettling. I believe your characters every emotion they show – because it’s written down there_how_they show it. I actually had to put down the book and breathe slowly some times and once or twice there were some crocodile tears in my eyes as well. Btw – English is not my mother language, I’m German. <.< Reading and such is all very well but my written English isn’t far as good I fear. But I have no practice… So… thanks for great books and a some nice pics that made my evening. (in a later message) I finished Rebel Prince today (at 2am in the morning…). A very frightening and startling show-down for one of the most originally stories I ever read (and I read a lot despite university stuff and all that ) followed by a sweet and beautifully written Epilogue. Thank you for your kind reply (and sorry for any inconvenience caused by this stupid double-post *hits DA*)! If I miraculously get a bunch of time (or I just draw during lectures ) and draw any of your characters I should link them gratefully for you. (don’t take that too seriously I just like to whine a little about having not enough freetime) Hugs & Greetings Sturmi

Jinxscythe (IRE) (via my DA page)

Hi D: I just wanted to say that I finally got a chance to buy the Rebel Prince a couple of weeks ago and I just thought I’d tell you that I loved it. I loved the characters, I loved the plot, I loved the epilogue, I loved the whole trilogy. I’m sorry that it’s finished, but then again the ending was wonderful and wrapped it up so well. Thanks for writing such great books


xxcolor-my-worldxx(via my DA page)


Gabrielle(via my DApage)

Hi there Celine! I hate to sound all gushy, but your books are absolutely fantastic! Me and (my friend) are completely hooked and PT has become one of my all time favourite books And on a side-note, your work on deviantArt is awesome, too. I’m gonna attempt some Moorehawke Trilogy fanart someday, when I get better at drawing people and such. Anyway, I have nearly finished The Crowded Shadows, and I just wanted to congratulate you on writing such an excellent series of books. (in a later mail) I just finished The Crowded Shadows, it made me cry! I can’t wait to get my hands on the third book, I’ll have to check if the library has a copy.

Natalie(via my DApage)

Hi Celine! Funny thing is, I was searching for some Moorehawk fanart earlier today and found yours, but I didn’t realise I was looking at the work of my favourite author until about 5 minutes ago! I read The Poison Throne about a week ago, and haven’t been able to read anything since because I’ve been mooning over Christopher… did I say that out loud?? Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really, really loved it and I’m looking forward to reading The Crowded Shadows (tomorrow, yippee!) and The Rebel Prince. Do you have any plans to write more books? I must say I would be over the moon if you did! Or perhaps even over Saturn. Would you have any advice you could give to a wannabe-novelist? I’ve wanted to write fantasies for a living since I was about five so any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks, and I love Christoph- I mean your work!

Millie (AUS) (major spoiler warn, don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rebel Prince. I MEAN IT!)

I have just finished reading The Rebel Prince after reading the whole series again. Wow what can i say except for that you are an extraordinary writer. The whole series is fantastic and I love the way you write. Thanks for writing such a fabulous book it will definitley be read and read over and over again. One of the best books that i have ever read in my whole life.
Just a few quick questions about the book….. The baby Oliver that was mentioned in the last chapter who is his father? is it Alberon or is it the king? I was confused when little Isaaac said “Papa seems most pleased to have a new brother” And also did Razi ever get his memory back? Or is it slowly coming back to him in bits and pieces?Thanks Millie

Alexandra (Spain?) The Crowded Shadows, The Rebel Prince.

dear celine,
i recently went and brought THE REBEL PRINCE, love it so much,up to were she meets Albi, YAY,
can’t wait to get to the end
but i believe it will be juist as awsome, if not awsomer, then the first two
can’t wait to get to the romance parts
luv your writing

(in a later mail)

dear Celine,
not disappointed at all!!! i absolutly loved, you are the most talented author whose books i’ve read,
Thanks a ton 🙂

Kathleen (USA?) A couple of pages of The Poison Throne. (NOTE: I replied to Kathleen, thanking her for her letter and warning her that it might be best not to give any of my other books a try. They would only ever offend her. Take note and heed.)

I love your writing style and the simply beautiful descriptions in your writing but, the taking of the Gods name in vain is very troubling to me. I understand that you have to express your characters rage but would you please consider another less hurtful expletive. I have read 80 pages of the Poison Throne each time thinking this word would only be used once. But it got more frequent to the point that I am returning the book and also The Crowded Shadows. If you ever write a clean book I would be very interested. Sincerely, Kathleen

Niamh (IRE) The Moorehawke Trilogy I,II, III) (major spoiler warning don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rebel Prince. I MEAN IT!) (I have removed sections I considered personal to the reader)

I have read the poison throne and the crowded shadows cover to cover numerous times and was over the moon (a little Christopher Garron pun) when I was in Eason’s recently and saw the Rebel Prince for sale. I was itching to read the conclusion to a saga that I have found myself thoroughly absorbed in! I am an English Literature graduate() and I am always looking for a novel, that not only interests me but lets me get propelled into the story itself. There are times in the saga where I feel as if I’m Iselut myself, trying to make Alberon see sense or trying to beg Razi to stop pacing! I have read saga’s before, the twilight saga to name but one, but I still have to find one that even compares to the calibre of literature that you have introduced in the Moorehamke trilogy. To think that cats speak! That the terrible machine is out there, that a woman of the court such as Iselut is married to a man of the world such as Christopher! You have taken things of the imagination, of fairytale and made them so liveable! I especially like the tribute to wolves in your novels, the struggle that Christopher has with his wolf….his ‘real’ wolf, unlike those of other sagas. I find that you are an Irish author, to be a true inspiration, as I have hoped to be writing myself some day. Once again, I want to thank you for such an ‘Irish’ saga. And if I had one suggestion it would be this, can you make a saga all about Christopher??? I adore his in your face cockiness that just warms the spirit.
Go raibh maith agat a stor!
Alyssa (Rebel Prince)
Today, about I’d say, 5 minutes ago I finished The Rebel Prince I loved it. Out of them all my favorite is The Crowded Shadows. I read that book in less than 12 hours it kept me up at night wondering what would happen next, that is how a book should be! You are a great author I hope I can write this good of a book.
Adelaide (AUS) The Rebel Prince

Hi Celine; I just finished reading the Rebel Prince and I absolutely adored it. Particularly the epilogue, it was beautifully written, happy, subtle, sweet, and didn’t leave me walking away feeling like you were just trying to please the readers (which as a general rule; ruins the story… see; Harry Potter etc). I loved the trilogy as a whole and have managed to get my former english teacher (a severly non-fantasy type of person) hooked on them. (I have since lost my copy of RP to her ministrations, she was very eager to read it as soon as I had finished…). I look forward to your next literary endeavour.
Helen (IRE) The Rebel Prince (major spoiler warning don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rebel Prince. I MEAN IT!)

The book was just amazing!! I must not rant on and on but oh!! I just sat in my room reading for hours. I couldn’t leave it down. I really liked the way it had a twist and turn in every chapter (page even!) it kept it unpredictable. Alberon was so different as I had imagined him! He had really grown up with the battles around him. But the
ending was simply superb. Often a book had a brilliant plot but the ending just flops. That was definately not the case and I was so happy when Razi found happiness with Mary even though Embla was gone. These books will certainly be read again by myself and the only bad thing is now that they are finished what will I read?! I really hope
everybody else will enjoy the RP as much as I did. 😀

Madelyn (AUS) Moorehawke trilogy (I, II & III)
My names Madelyn and I just finished reading the moorehawke trilogy and it was AMAZING, by far the best books i have ever read in my life they were so interesting and never got boring for me, i really loved your characters because they had a lot of background to them and things that you didnt know for a while which really made them feel like they are real live people,() i liked the books a lot and i have this friend and she asked me if she would like the books and i said yes u definatly would because they are amazing so i gave her the poison throne on a friday and she txt me on the sunday and said omgsh this book is so good i finished it already cause i could not put it down!! and i said yeah its just so good and then she spoke to me on monday back at school and she said that she had read the second one AS WELL!!!! because she liked it so much and she said that she looked for the 3rd one in every library on the Gold Coast and they didnt have any at the moment and she was begging me to borrow the 3rd one and i hadnt even finished the 2nd one!! and yeah so she really liked it as much as me and we are absolutly crazy about the series hahaha so yeah hope u like the pictures and yeah thankyou!!!

Madelyn (13 years old)


Judit (France?) The Poison Throne, The Crowded Shadows

I’m not really used to writing fan mails but I thought I give it a try. I read Poison Throne and The crowded shadows and I gotta say that you’re an amazing writer; I can’t remember the last time a book captured me so much. I love the characters they’re different and complex and actually present real life feelings and ambivalence. I won’t say that I was hooked from the first chapter cause it took 2 or 3 🙂 But as the story unfolded I found myself addicted. I actually felt the emotions and found Wynter’s view of the world quite lovable. I must say I’m bit puzzled by Christopher but I’m suspecting that in the third book we’ll get to know the Loup Garous quite a bit more and understand the pain and fear he feels.
Can’t wait for The Rebel Prince; and keep up the great work.


Erin (via my DA page) spoilers for The Rebel Prince. Don’t highlight the whited areas if you don’t want to be spoiled)

Hey Celine!!! I just wanted to tell you that you are a completely awesome writer and I fell in love with the Moorehawke Trilogy as soon as I saw the front cover and I love the characters (especially Razi and Albi). My favourite book was the Rebel Prince (which I just finished) and I was so pleased with the ending- my favourite part of the ending being when Isaac explained about Christopher’s necklace and I was like ‘Razi came though‘.But I have a question: in the Crowded Shadows Wynter mentions that Lorcan and Rory were on the run so Jonathon was protecting Iseult. But you never explained why they were on the run so I was curious as to why. If you did answer this and I missed it, I apologise but its interesting me.

Anyway I love you artwork and I adore your books (I’m convincing my Dad to read them :))

Erin xx


Fairie-of-night (via my DA page)

I absolutely looovvveee the Moorhawke trilogy, and I must say, I love your art as well! Absolutely amazing stuff, and your writing is truly inspirational! Thank you for giving me something great and fantastic to read!
Yay for writing! 😀
Thankyou! :+devwatch:


Avalon (AUS) The Moorehawke Trilogy


I know you get many of these types of emails but I have to add mine to the throngs as well.
The amount of gratitude I have for what you gave me cannot be conveyed in one email but I will try 🙂
The Moorehawke trilogy is amazing.
You are an amazing writer and I enjoyed every single minute that I spent with my head immersed in your books. Picking up the Poison throne at my school library I was told by my librarian “If its good please tell me, I only just got it in”
I loved it the moment I read the first chapter. The next day I was in the library, begging the librarian to buy the next one. She obliged and once again I was transported in to the amazing world that you created and I laughed, cried and followed along with Wynter, Razi, Christopher and everyone.
Finding out that the third book, the Rebel Prince was not out, was surprisingly painful! But once again, when I finally had it in my hands, I was transported. It was just as wonderful as the other two.
I cannot thank you enough for what enjoyment you have given me.
The Moorehawke trilogy sits proudly on my shelf and whenever anyone picks it up, I explode into exciting jabbering about how they must read it!
My librarian has brought many copies for the library and her and I quite often reminisce together.
Thank you so so so much,
you are truly amazing.
Avalon a 15 year old fan.


Paula (Germany) The Poison Throne (Schattenpfade) and the Crowded Shadows (Geisterpfade)

hello, i don’t really know how to start such a letter but fist of all i wanna tell u how much i love ur books i read them so often! i even colour coded the parts with Christopher (he is such a grate character) and Razi.
Still i was wondering about Chris feeling the first time he meet Wynter, it would be interessting to know if he alread fall for her or if he disliked her at first too… if he already knew about her form Razi and if he maybe even felt bad for liking her knowing that Razi did too.
It would be realy nice if u could answer this questions but i also understand if i u have to much to do…
i realy can’t wait for the next book!
sure it will be grate!
i am also sorry for my bad english and spelling. I am writing form germany, so i stared reading ur books in englisch (in Australia) und just brought the first one in german again…

your sincerelly
Paula (age 16)


Kim (USA) The Poison Throne & Crowded Shadows. ( I have removed some sections I felt were personal to the reader)

I am a 42 year old mother of a 10 year old boy and a 5 year old girl and I am obsessed with your writing! Within the first 3 pages of The Poison Throne I found myself transported to Europe and set smack-dab in the middle of the most incredible story. You paint pictures with words so beautifully; your books are an almost palatable experience. As I read your books I feel like I am standing at Wynter’s shoulder looking up into Christopher’s grey eyes, sitting under a tree by a river, or lying in an exotic bed of furs. I am sorry it has taken me so long to find you!

I realize I am late to this party, but I have to say something. I hope there are no hurt feelings. I truly love, love, love, love, your books, but there are some issues with punctuation in Crowded Shadows, at least in the US version. In particular, one of my favorite chapters, “Spoken”, has quite a few. I am referencing things like missing periods and missing one half of quotation marks. I would guess that there are 20 total in the US version. ()

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing the stories of Wynter, Razi, and Christopher (and the Merron….and Lorcan…you get the idea!) I look forward to the conclusion of your wonderful trilogy and any future writing adventures you take your readers on!


Tegan (AUS) The Rebel Prince.

I just read Rebel Prince. It was bloody awesome!


Sara (Spain) The Crowded Shadows and The Poison Throne

Dear Celine:
Hello I’m Sara. I’m very happy because I just read your second book for second time, and I would like to know when I can buy the rebel prince online. I think that de second is well than the first, and this is very difficult because I love the first.
Thank you for your time and huge hugs !!!!!!


Miki (AUS) The Rebel Prince ( and Moorehke 1&2)

Loved it Loved it Loved it!!!!! Just amazing J

A while ago I discovered that I just love reading fantasy novels set in the depths of history. So regularly I would wander through my schools library in the few moments I had to spare and one day I came across a most intriguing book cover – The Poison Throne. It hadn’t even reached the shelves and was waiting to be scanned as a new edition to the college library. I am so thankful it caught my eye that day, your story has brought me so much excitement, sometimes I can hardly keep it in! (more to the point – I can’t, I tell everyone who will listen) Now at the end of the journey after torturous waiting for the series to arrive at the book store all I want to do is go right back to the start and follow Wynter, Christopher and Razi all over again! Unfortunately my mountain of homework and assignments will not allow such a luxury but I only have to wait till the holidays!

Thank you so much for sharing your world – or Wynter’s haha, she is defiantly real to me

Too bad I can’t write an English essay on your novels, I might not mine writing essays so much!

Alexandra (AUS) The Poison Throne

i came upon your book by mistake, after reading the Poision Throne i didn’t regret coming upon it,
what made me so captured by it was the romance and Wynter’s trade imagien working with all that wood.
Oh the things you could create, frames chair a big bunch more. any way this is just a short thing to say how much
your book brighten my day with continuous horrors round the cornor. i thank God for using your talents to the best of your abilty
and for giving you such a talent that make people dream and smile laugh and cry. So thanks, a ton -xoxo-
Simone (AUS) Moorehawke Trilogy.

Hi Celine, my name’s Simone and I come from Australia.

I’m 13 years old, turning 14 on the last day of August.

I’d just like to say that your writing is just so inspirational and beautiful. When I read the Moorehawk Trilogy, I’m just swept into another world of thrilling adventure. My imagination seems to bloom and I feel so open and happy, a feeling no one can describe.

I was brought to tears when i finished the rebel prince because I knew the series was finished. Realising that I wouldn’t be able to read any new adventures of Wynter, Razi and Christopher, I couldn’t help but cry.

What made it worse was that the ending was perfect. I couldn’t complain about it and talk about how it could be better because it was everything it should be. The climax of The Rebel prince just blew me away.

Your writing just amazes me, all the detail and body language you put into it. It’s so unique, unlike any other book i’ve read before. After reading the trilogy, my perspective on English and writing changed. I now think about how I can transform my writing and make it more creative and vivid like you do. Its also inspired me to think outside the box and has changed my view on the world we live in: all the things its been through to get to where it is now.

Your books just make me speechless 🙂 They’re by far my favourite and will continue to be so for a very long time.

I’ll definatly be reading more of your books now.

Adelaide (AUS) (VIA my art page on DA)

I have to say; I’m not really a big fan of Historical Fantasy so much; but I’ve been really enjoying your books, they’re definitely an exception to that. I haven’t actually read the Rebel Prince yet; but I bought it yesterday so it’s waiting on my shelf with the other two 😀

I noticed that you mentioned another project in the works to someone else; is that of the same style and genre as the Moorehawke trilogy, or are you trying something a bit different?


Move-over-Twilight (AUS) (VIA my art page on DA)

just like to say that your books are amazing. nothing like i had read before.
but now i am so sad because once i read the rebel prince there won’t be anything to continue onto.
thank you for you books

i would just like to know if there is a movie series to look forward to in the future?

please continue writing. your amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fiona (AUS)(major spoiler warning don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rebel Prince. I MEAN IT!)

Well Celine, my hairdresser now thinks I am incredibly rude, but I couldn’t leave Chris alone as the Loup-Garous had just arrived.I’ve just finished the book and am exhausted – what a roller coaster you’ve taken us on. I was horrified when I read about the ambush and when Anthony was alone on his horse I thought my reading heart would stop. What a lovely epilogue you created, which wrapped up many trailing ends, and brought everyone together. Just one thing – I really want to know how Razi and Chris’ vengeance on the Loup-Garous was carried out, being rather bloodthirsty myself…. Thank you for such a wonderful world, and I await your next one impatiently.


Caitlin (AUS) The Rebel Prince. (major spoiler warning don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rebel Prince. I MEAN IT!)

Dear Celine,
Well I finished it. And just realised I only started it yesterday 🙂 It was just to good to put down! You have outdone yourself! Truly Celine. I was just too engrossed to put it down. I just had to know what happened next, be it with Wyn and the Huan. or with Christopher and the Wolves. Razi and Alberon. mostly I enjoyed the romance and just had to keep reading. I love the way you have portrayed their relationship, their protectiveness for each other and they way they interact around each other. And (towards the end) I’m quite sure I didnt actually breathe for that entire chapter. I was on edge and just reading WAY to fast. So many things happening all at the same time. I read it more than once to try and work out what was happening.

(I apologise if this email is too long – but I just cant put into words how much I enjoyed it)

If its ok, do you mind if I ask why you didnt write Christopher and Wyn with a child of their own after five years? was it an angle that you just didnt think fitted with the last chapter? Are you leaving it open to interpretation? are they able to have children? I am just curious to know where their story will go from here, I have my own versions 🙂 (are you planning a story mayhap about their child?) 🙂 my wishful thinking. But am I allowed to ask if you ever picture them with a family of their own? was it something you considered adding into the story? again sorry for the 20 questions, but I was curious for your insight 🙂 I did love the way you ended the Rebel Prince, with Wyn finally working with her craft. Christopher being a scoundral as usual. I look forward to anymore of your work Celine and hope that you keep in contact with all your fans with the newsletter, just to let us know where you are heading with your writing. I thank you for letting us into Wyn’s, Christopher’s and Razi’s story – its one that I intend to read over and over again.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future.



Maia (AUS) The Rebel Prince. .(major spoiler warning don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rebel Prince. I MEAN IT!) I have removed some sections which I felt were personal to the reader

Dia Duit Celine!,
i actually dont speak any irish (or merron, i guess) at all but your books make me wish i did! who knows, maybe i’ll learn to speak it later on. well i finished your last book the rebel prince last night because i had to stay up reading it (i couldnt put it down)! i feel slightly guilty because i can only imagine how long that would have taken you to write, and i mean, i finished it in a matter or hours! but on the other hand what could you expect from such a fantastic book? and then i go to your website and the first email is from a girl called bella and guess what? shes in my class! haha what a small world, or maybe not, because who wouldnt want to read your work?but anyway, i just wanted to say how much i enjoy your books. your characters are beautiful and i love that you’ve written in third person instead of first and yet i can still imagine all your characters as if they were real living and breathing people (which i really wish they were)! so yes, thank you for bringing such a gorgeous set of books into the world, because i for one (who try to write but am better at thinking of ideas rather than just sitting down and doing the work!) really appreciate the work that must have gone into those books.
and can i just say that i love the names you choose! one of my favourite things about writing is picking out names.

so sorry this letter is so long but i’ll finish up by saying that your books have inspired me to get off my couch and go to the computer, and that your style is beautiful and honestly, why cant there actualy be guys like christopher walking around my street?! no, i also wanted to say that your books made me cry and laugh and get so involved that when i finished the rebel prince last night, or early morning (and i loved the epilouge where – razi had a boy! alberon had a boy! sol got a boy! anthony lived! so many happy memories! YAY FOR CHRIS AND WYN!!!! should i stop? i think i’ll stop because you probally get the point) honestly, you are one of my favourite authors and thankyou thankyou thankyou! its not often i read such an amazing book!

ps. i hope this reaches you because the email link on your website wasnt working…maybe i can use this ‘ps’ to quickly ask you where you came up with the names? please? because i really love hearing different names.


MyDanna (AUS) VIA my art page on DA

hey 😀
i LOVE your books ..on the weekend i was at a book store and i asked if i could pre-order Rebel prince (because i forgot when it came out >.>) and when they told me that it was out already i was so excited 😀 .. i picked it up the other day during school at lunch … it took me the afternoon to read it, i couldnt put it down .. i was so excited .. I really enjoyed it, though i do have questions but im not sure i should ask them here … Spoilers and all .. anyway Thankyou for writting such amazing books 😀


Bella (AUS?) The Rebel Prince

I just finished this, like, two seconds ago. And OMG I LOVE IT! :D:D:D:D
Abso-freaking-lutley amazing! And I am very very sad that it had to end so I’m going to read them all again 😀
But seriously.


Samantha (AUS) The Rebel Prince (spoiler warning don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for The Rebel Prince.) I’ve removed some sections which I felt were private to the reader.

I finished reading The Rebel Prince yesterday! I wanted to read it sooner than that, but school keeps getting in the way. -.-

I just want to say thank you for the experience that has been Moorehawke! For me it began a few years ago.(With) The Poison Throne(). At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but by the end of that night (or maybe morning, I stayed up a long time to finish it!) I was completely absorbed by it. I had fallen in love with the world and the characters. I won’t be forgetting Wyn, Chris and Razi anytime soon.

Anyway, now for the Rebel Prince. Wow. The opening scene/memory was beautiful. It was so nice to see Wyn, Razi and Albi at happier times of their life. I really loved the dynamics between the characters and then seeing them change, such as when Razi lost his memory or when Jon realised Alberon’s life was in danger. I especially liked the letter Albi sent his father. The lines ‘perhaps we could allow Wyn to keep her gypsy? He seems an unlikely fellow, but Razi is fond of him’ was probably the highlight of the novel for me. I really liked the ending of the battle. As I was reading I was quite curious as to how that would pan out, but I really liked it. It was quite hopeful, although you did manage to give me a fright quite a few times by making me think certain characters were dead!

One of things that I really admired about Wynter, not just in The Rebel Prince, but all throughout the story was that she was strong but still allowed herself to cry. It made her all the more human and believable. I’ve always admired that about her.

As for the epilogue, you’ve given more questions than were answered! I did love seeing what had become of everyone. I was very pleased to see Chris had his completed necklace!

Oh, and I just want to brag about how lucky I am to live in Australia – we have the best covers for the trilogy! 🙂

Oh, and one last thing! Having kittens of my own that I absolutely adore, I loved seeing the cats (well one cat!) make a return.

Once again thank you for writing what are some of my favourite books!



Grant (USA) (spoiler warning don’t highlight the whited out areas if you don’t want to be spoiled for Crowded Shadows.)

I found the first book then lost it hunted for a week then found it, read the book and the second one, had to borrow money because the book store was shutting down. lol I told my girlfriend that tomorrow I am going back to buy one and I am on the hunt for Three.
I do hope Chris can go rescue his Girls and kin.
Funny we just got welsh from Rosetta stone. I told (my girlfriend) that the Merron brought to mind the Irish then that was proven when I got deeper into the Books. ARGHHHH it will be very hard to wait untill auguest hmmmm
well I will do what i can.
(also thanks for letting Sol live sad about his love.))
GREAT books I will take them camping in the Blue Mountains 4th july weekend.
you should go to Faeireworlds this year in Eugene Oregon will you be coming to Portland OR anytime soon?

Theresa (USA)

Hi Celine
Wanted to tell you I started to read The Poison Throne Sat nite around 9 pm and I finished it on Sunday around 6 pm-It was so good i couldn’t put t down once I started reading it – I love all the characters and I can’t wait to read the Crowded Shadows and find out where the hell Alberon is and if he really is a traitor, Wynter & Razi & Christopher – all of them-Thnaks for writing such a wonderful story

God Bless


Helen (Ireland)

First of all I have to thank you, simply for writing the Moorehawke Trilogy. 🙂 No single word can describe these books…They haven’t invented a word that means crafty, amazing, original, funny, medieval, well written, addicting, go hiontach, legendary and captivating all in one! I picked up ‘The Poison Throne’ unsuspecting and finished it craving the next instalment. I practically devoured ‘The Crowded Shadows’ and when I heard the next and final book was going to be released in August I started to wonder what was I going to do until then? So when I read up on your blog about the competition, I literally jumped for joy at the opportunity to win one copy of ‘The Rebel Prince’, to be released in July!! After that I hogged the computer for days trying to find the most suitable actors to play the parts of Christopher, Razi and Wynter. I wont bore you any longer with my ranting on about your (brilliant!!) books and without further ado here are my entries:


Narelle (AUS/NZ)

Absolutely love the books! First series in a while I’ve had to finish reading in the one sitting!!



Aislinn (Ireland) Poison Throne and Crowded Shadows
(I removed some sections I felt were personal to the writer)

Dia Duit Celine!,

i would speak in ‘merron’ but i suck at it haha. 🙂
I’m pretty much obsessed with the Moorehawke Trilogy. I’m flying through the crowded shadows at the moment and loving every minute of it. I’ve been reading it all evening, ever evening this week – not the best thing to do when you have your Junior Cert in 3 months! :’)
Your a real inspiration to me, I’d love to be a writer and knowing that an Irish person can ‘make it’ is amazing! ()

I fell in love with all your characters. I just love Razi, he reminds me of one of my friends that i’ve know all my life, you feel safe and protected when he is around and know that everything will be ok as long as he is there. I feel connected with Wynter and i just love Christopher, he character just makes me laugh of loud – causing me to get some pretty weird looks when I’m reading in public! I think its pretty cool that you brought ‘merron’ into the books as well. i feel real proud when i know what they’re saying and don’t have to look at the glossary!
Please hurry up with the Rebel Prince, i don’t think I can wait till the end of the year!
Slan go foill,

Tegan (Australia) Poison Throne and Crowded Shadows

Dear Celine,

Hey, an Aussie fan here:D I am 16 years old I love your books sooooooooo much! It has been a long time since a book has captivated me this much. I have just finished Crowded Shadows and I loved it! The twists and turns made me loose a good night’s sleep. Was it worth it? Hell yeah!

The Poison Throne and Crowded Shadows are by far the best books I’ve read in a long time. The characters were so real and vivid. I love Wynter for everything about her! Razi was just so genuine and Christopher was so…Christopher! (Where can I get one?) All your characters are just so engaging. Even with King Jonathan and his loyalty with Lorcan.

I’m dying for the Rebel Prince and eagerly waiting its release. I can’t wait till Autumn–though technically Spring for Australia, with the whole different hemisphere thing. Can’t wait to meet Alberon!

Tegan xox

Natalia (Australia) Poison Throne and Crowded Shadows
(I removed some sections that I felt were personal to the writer)

Hey Celine!
() I finally found the Crowded Shadows in a bookstore
(well this was a while ago but still it was very exciting news) and i’ve
now read it about 3 times.
I can’t wait until The Rebel Prince comes out. I looked at your website
and it said out in Autumn so i waited until it was March and asked the
bookstore person if they had it in stock. They said “It’s not out until
August” AUGUST!!! I can’t wait that long 😦
Big Hugs and i hope you are doing well
Natalia xo
P.S: Do you know a good online site that i can order The Rebel Prince
from with the right cover??

Many thanks to Tina Gamble ( Australia) who sent me a lovely note and the review below. If you’d like to comment on the review, you can read it at her own site HERE
Celine Kiernan’s novel, The Crowded Shadows, is the second instalment in The Moorehawke Trilogy. It follows protagonist Wynter Moorehawke, as she searches for the Rebel Prince Alberon. Up high in the mountains – in the crowded shadows – sometimes friend and foe can blur the line.

Not having read the first novel, The Poison Throne, I would say that it is not necessary for readers, new to the series, to have read the prior novel to accurately follow and understand the storyline. Though having said that, I would highly recommend getting both, as I am now heading to the bookstore to buy a copy of The Poison Throne, as Kiernan’s second novel, The Crowded Shadows, absolutely captured my mind and blew me away.

Enter Kiernan’s world, full of fantasy, adventure and romance. This novel reminds me a lot of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. Akin to C.S. Lewis, Kiernan has a great writing style, with strong storylines, and characters to love, including – a strong, realistic protagonist – with complex and flawed leads that will draw you in, and pull you under.

It is books like this that remind me so many times, why I love reading. It is the writer’s gifted ability to create a world, so believable that you can almost feel yourself alive in a foreign land. All around you, their world and it’s character’s come to life – full of infinite possibilities – you see the world through another’s eyes, and if you are lucky enough, the writer will even let you feel what their characters are feeling. This novel is mastery at work.

The Crowded Shadows is a fast paced, consistent, and truly memorable journey into a far off land. The characters are strong and well written – and much to my great relief – flawed. You will find no perfect plastics here; here you will see a true test of will, as each character is hit with challenges that will affect both their personal wellbeing and that of the kingdom. It is a triumph among books, and journey worth taking.

For fans of fantasy and adventure, here is this year’s must have.

Rachel (Australia) The Poison Throne & The Crowded Shadows

Dear Celine,

You’ve probably heard this a million times before, but I love your books. They’re so captivating and I never stopped reading. Well, until I finished, of course. 😀 I can’t wait for the Rebel Prince to come out.

The Characters in the Moorehawke trilogy are such great characters, that I wish I would just come up with one character, just one character, that’s as awesome as one of yours. I would use that character in my own writing endeavours.

You may want to know about my writing. I’ve written a novella, but it isn’t published yet. That is my dream – to be a great author like you, or one of the other authors whose works I’ve read. I’ve read many, many, piles of books, from Tamora Pierce and J.K. Rowling, to Eoin Colfer and Jack Heath, but your books are among my very favourites, and I’ve only read them once so far.

I was at my bookstore the other day, looking for a new book to buy, because I had a coupon. I saw a few books I liked, one being Eon by Alison Goodman, and the other being Poison Study by Maria V.Snyder. I then looked at your book, The Poison Throne, and was captivated by the blurb, and beautiful black and white cover. I bought it, and read it slowly, as to savour the words. I usually read very fast, so this was a change.

I’m reading the Crowded Shadows at the moment and loving it. Congratulations for making my list! 😀
Thank you so much for creating some brilliant novels for me to read!


Nicole (Australia)
Many thanks to Nicole who sent me a beautiful letter and a link to her fantastic review of The Crowded Shadows. I debated with myself whether I should post her letter, or post a link to her review, but I think her review kind of says it all so that’s what I chose in the end.Thank you so much Nicole! I’ve put an extract of your review below, and you can read the rest HERE.

I find the moorehawke trilogy captivating.

there’s no going back. no other story. no other world. nothing that is holding me so much as this series is at the moment.
other books are just beats between wynter and christopher and razi and their story. their story is my obsession.
‘the crowded shadows’ is a brilliant continuation. it’s horror and joy and fear and hope. it has twisty turny plot and real life breathing characters. i’m completely saturated in the world. i don’t want it to end. i want to follow wynter everyday, like a friend. meet for coffee, confer and plan and journey.

Jessica (Australia) I remove some sections of the letter which I think are personal to the writer.

Hi Celine,

Well, you have yet another Australian fan on board. My friend who has been in touch with you and is recommending the
Moorehawke Trilogy every chance she gets) told me about your books and
I am absolutely hooked. I’m half way through The Crowded Shadows and
am trying to slow my progress down so as to not finish it too soon 🙂
I just wanted to say it’s been a long time since I’ve been so
engrossed in a novel, and I read a lot!
I just want to shout to all readers out there that if they think
Twilight is brilliant and deserves all the hype surrounding that
series, they would be BLOWN AWAY by your works.

Looking forward to the third installment.()

Keep up the amazing work, and I will do my best to recommend your
trilogy to any literate person I know haha
I even have you on my little website!

All the best,


Laura (Ireland) Major spoiler for The Crowded Shadows. Do NOT highlight the whited areas if you don’t want to be spoiled.)

Hello Celine,
I finished The Crowded Shadows!!!!!And it was FANTASTIC!!!!Christopher was a Wolf??!!!!He and Wyn are a great couple.I was sad when Ashkr and Embla died.The end of the book was sooo cool!!! Can’t wait for Rebel Prince!!!!
Lots of Love,

Bethany (Ireland) Many thanks to Bethany for writing to me in ‘Merron’ ( Irish) I’ve done my best to translate for non-Irish speakers. If I’ve made any mistakes please do let me know!)

Dia Duit ,
Is míse Bethany(éilis) .Is bréa liom anThe Moorhawke Trilogy ta se iontach.Is main liom a and Coinín an chroí-eile . Is aoibheann liom an fear saor Garron!!!!!!!!.Go raibh maith agat ar a ionacht leabhair chuntas.
Lá grá slán go foil
(translation for Non-Merrons. :
God be with you (standard way of saying ‘hello’) I am Bethany (Éilis). I really enjoyed the Moorehawke Trilogy, it is wonderful. I love Coinin the chroí-eile. I adore the free man Garron!!!!!!!! Thank you for your wonderful book.
with love, goodbye for now,

Louise (Australia) The Poison Throne & The Crowded Shadows ( I removed some sections I felt were personal to the sender. Major spoiler for The Crowded Shadows. Do NOT highlight the whited areas if you don’t want to be spoiled.)

I adore your books! I originally picked up The Poison Throne because I saw a glowing review on a book website and then I saw the beautiful cover and I’m such a sucker for good-looking covers. I was so caught up in the story and had to get my hands on The Crowded Shadows as soon as possible! I finished that a few nights ago, despite it already being 1am and having to be up at 6am. I kept reading after I got to the part about Christopher being a Wolf, my jaw just dropped when I read that! Usually I’m quite good at seeing twists coming but I had no idea that would happen. The characters are just so real that you really care for them, they feel like old friends, so revelations like that can really knock a person about! Also, I love the Irish themes in the books. () I have to say that I adore Razi. I think the world would be a much happier place if we all had a Razi to love.

So I really have to thank you for sharing the Moorehawke story with us. It’s so nice to read something that’s different, something that hasn’t been influenced by the popularity of sparkly vampires (but that’s a rant for another day!) I will make sure to get The Rebel Prince as soon as it’s available!
I hope all is well on your side of the world!

Not a Reader’s Letter exactly. But I like this review someone sent me. It’s from Books Monthly, and so I’ve included it here.

Another terrific debut, and drawing on legends such as Arthurian and Robin Hood rather than the usual mix of magic and fantastic situations, which, frankly, nowadays, are two-a-penny. This is a different kind of fantasy and one which is deserving of our attention. Brilliant.

Mia (Ireland) The Poison Throne & The Crowded Shadows (some sections removed which I felt were personal to the sender :0) )

Dear Celine,

Hi! Sorry, I’m a total ramdomer, I just wanted to say, I’m Mia (). When I grow up I wanted to be an author and your books have inspired me so much. On Wednesday () I had a History class and it was the medieval times and I couldn’t stop think about your books! The Poison Throne and Crowded Shadows and two amazing books – the best I’ve ever read. I’m currently reading them again for the 5th time! I just am totally in love with them! I have a question – I’m sorry to be asking – but . . . Do Chris and Wyn stay together??? The answer has been killing me these past few days, I love them together so much! You are such an AMAZING person, you are my role model.

Love your writing soooooooooo much,


Laura (Ireland) I confess to adoring this note. Thank you Laura. I love when people write to me in ‘Merron’ (Irish) and only wish I knew the language better.

Dia duit,
Is mise Laura. Is Merron mé. Is aoibheann liom an Moorehawke Trilogy.Is aoibheann liom an fear saor Garron!!!!!!!!
Slán go fóill,
((translation for Non-Merrons. :
God be with you (standard way of saying ‘hello’) I am Laura. I am a Merron. I love the Moorehawke Trilogy. I love the Freeman Garron.
Goodbye for now, Laura))

Tenille (Australia) (SPOILERS for Poison Throne. Don’t highlight the whited out areas unless you want to be spoiled)

I have just moments ago finished reading The Crowded Shadows and, although I’ve never written to an author before, feel I absolutely had to tell you how much I loved it – the only other YA novels I’ve enjoyed as much are Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. The characters are both unique and well-drawn and the plot compelling – I couldn’t help it, I cried like a baby when Wynter had to leave Lorcan in the first book. I felt that The Crowded Shadows built really well on PT, expanding the plot lines as the story’s location expanded as well, and I particularly liked the insights into the complexity of the Merrons and their beliefs. I really felt that the characters evolved, too, particularly Wynter; she was a mature and insightful heroine to begin with, but in CS I thought she really began to understand how complicated people are, and how dark they can be.

I work in an independent bookstore and I’ve been recommending The Poison Throne left, right and centre, since it came out. Congratulations on the success of the series, and I’m sure I’ll be far from the only reader you have waiting impatiently for The Rebel Prince. Best of wishes for the publication of the series in the UK and the US – and if no producers try to option the movie rights, they’re insane.

Kind regards,



Joleene (USA) (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR CROWDED SHADOWS. Do not highlight the whited out areas unless you want to be MASSIVELY SPOILED)

NOTE: Joleene won copies of The Poison Throne and The Crowded Shadows in the Loups-Garous competition on my blog. This is a letter she sent after she had read the books – it includes a review of each book which she posted on her website

Hello! I know I’m slow and lazy, but I finally got around to catching up on my book reviews!
I want to say i really enjoyed both the books. I just love Christopher and was cheering for him and Wynter from the moment he was introduced! I was so happy to see them together-together in Crowded Shadows! and Embla and Ashkar’s deaths got to me – though I admit I found Embla’s the more horrific later when Wynter talks about it, about the sudden fall to the earth then dreams about her with her eyes full of dirt… that’s an image that stuck with me!

Looking forward to book three!!

Fantasy Novel: The Poison Throne by Celine Kierdan

I want to start this by saying that I rarely like a heroine. Most of the time I find the woman either too tough and kick-ass to even be a woman anymore, or else too overtly feminine, whiny and annoying. However, Wynter Moorehawk, the leading lady in The Moorehawk Trilogy, is a heroine I can like! Tough enough to hold her own when she needs to, but feminine enough to cry when she’s scared, I found Wynter to be a very believable character.

Wynter and her father, The Lord Protector, have been away “in the north” for several years and, when the book opens, are finally returning home. However, the home they’ve come back to is a far different place than the one they left. The Prince is gone, the ghosts have all but disappeared, the king seems to have gone mad with new laws and even the cats won’t talk to Wynter anymore.

Surrounded by intrigue and stifled by rigid court rules and formalities, Wynter tries to uncover what’s taken place, but answers seem few and far between. Even her dear friend Razi, the king’s son, and his mysterious friend Christopher Garron aren’t talking, or could it be that they don’t know? As Wynter tries t unravel the terrifying mysteries she comes face to face with death, fear and, perhaps even worse, the destruction of many of her childhood notions about those she thought she knew.

While Poison Throne is a fantasy novel, it’s what I would call “soft fantasy”. The speech patterns of the characters are just old fashioned enough to put you in a different time, but familiar enough to keep the average reader from going, “huh?”. Though there’s not a lot of swashbuckling, hack and chop action, there is plenty of subtle tension crawling beneath the surface that does explode into a few violent scenes, more than one of which have the power to stay with you after you’ve put the book away.

Kiernan has also done an excellent job on giving you just what the reader just what they need to know, without overburdening them. The details in court life are explained while necessary, but twiddly, historical details that could very easily bog down the story are left out.

An excellent blend of fantasy, romance and drama, I can’t recommend this enough. If I were writing this book it’s exactly what I’d have written – and that’s pretty rare for me to say.

(yes, I did win a free copy in a contest, however, that did not effect my opinion on it!)

Fantasy Novel: The Crowded Shadows by Celine Kiernan

Book two of the Moorehawk trilogy begins with our heroine, Wynter Moorehawk, riding the dangerous roads alone, her heart heavy with worry for her father and her friends. However, her quest to find Prince Alberon and discover the truth is more important than anything she could do for them.

All too quickly, however, Wynter becomes a first hand victim of the road’s dangers. After a narrow escape she stumbles upon some all too familiar company. Torn between anger and relief, she finally lands on the latter, and together they make their way to their mutual destination; the camp of Prince Alberon who, it seems, has called every enemy of his father to come and meet with him.

With more action than Poison Throne, and even more intrigue, this is going to be a tough book to beat for the final in the series. The characters, which were so carefully crafted in the first book, are now expanded. But even as some mysteries are explained, new ones crop up to take their place and keep you on the edge of your seat, mysteries that you may not guess the answers to. And, just as with book one, Kiernan doesn’t pull her punches. Bad things happen. Disturbing things happen. And there’s even enough gory detail to keep me happy.

And that was one of the really refreshing things. It’s getting harder and harder for me to be surprised by something in a book. I tend to spot the plot device a mile away, but this book had at least three large “things” I did not see coming. Later, of course, I looked back and saw the subtle hints, now glaringly obvious and thought, “Wow! How did I not notice that?” however, I refuse to spoil it for anyone, so you’ll have to see if you can find those things on your own.

In crowded Shadows Kiernan has woven together another brilliant tapestry of fantasy, fighting, love and intrigue that will leave you wanting more. I know I can’t wait for the next book!

(again, I got a free copy of this as a contest prize, but the review was not skewed by that fact!)


Fiona (New Zealand) ( MAJOR SPOILERS for Crowded Shadows do not highlight the blank areas unless you want to be spoiled)

Well I’ve read and read and read and now I’ve just finished it – devoured it more like! I loved that you didn’t recap PT – loathe it when authors assume we won’t remember what has happened – and was thrilled when Wynter joined up with Razi and Chris. I cried at the death of Embla and Ashkr, and so had to take a break from reading, to clear my head of the images that had been building up throughout.
I just loved it. PT was the best book I read in 2009, and yes, I’ve read Hunger games/Catching fire, and those were good, but your books, for me, are better. So I start the year with a very high benchmark for others to follow, and something wonderful I can take to my kids’ kit book club at the end of the month.
Thanks for a wonderful afternoon,
warmest regards,


Pia (Australia) Crowded Shadows (SPOILERS for Crowded Shadows. Don’t highlight the whited out areas unless you want to be spoiled)

I love Crowded Shadows. It is certainly living up to my expectations. I met a friend for lunch and we visited a lovely bookshop. I was delighted to see Crowded Shadows on the shelf. It was my only book purchase for the day as I had received a number of books for Christmas and thought I shouldn’t buy anymore.

I was thrilled to find that Wynter was reunited with Christopher and Razi so soon in the novel. I had expected that she would be by herself for quite a while. The sexual tension between Chris and Wynter is …!! I am about three quarters the way through the novel and loving it. I want to get to the end but don’t want to finish it at the same time. I know it will be a while before the Rebel Prince comes out in Australia.

Thank you for writing such an amazing story.


Jane (Australia) Crowded Shadows

I just read The Crowded Shadows this afternoon and I absolutely adored it! I can’t wait until October to see how it finishes


Éabha. (Ireland) The Crowded Shadows & The Poison Throne

Dear Celine

My name is Éabha and I am nine years old. My sister gave me the
Crowded Shadows for Christmas. I started it at Christmas Night and
finished it St. Stephen’s Day morning. My favourite characters are
Christopher and Wynter. I go to a “Merron” school so I understood
most of it. I think your books are wonderful! I am very upset that I
have to wait until Autumn for the next book. I thought nothing could
beat The Poison Throne but now I see I was wrong! Slán tamaill.


Vanessa (Australia) The Poison Throne & The Crowded Shadows

Hi Celine,
I have just signed up for the Moorehawke newsletter that you occasionally write. I have read the first two novels in your trilogy and loved them both. Christopher was just so melancholy and depressed in Crowded Shadows, I was worried he wouldn’t pull out of it. Yes, I know it’s a book but I really take my reading seriously and I love the characters you have created in your novels.

Can’t wait to read your next book and graphic novel, can you let your fans know when you are coming to Australia for any book launches? I have noticed Throne is everywhere (aren’t the covers lovely for AUS/NZ?!), the booksellers are doing a good job here. If you don’t come to AUS then I am posting my book to you for you to sign, would that be OK?

I had to order Shadows from Amazon in the US as I could not wait until 2010 for the Aus edition. I am sure you know this by now, but your writing is magnificent, a rare thing, and I read A LOT.

Looking forward to meeting Albi soon.

Regards, Vanessa from Australia.


LIz ( Canada) The Crowded Shadows

I just finished the last page of The Crowded Shadows and wanted to offer up my sincerest thanks for writing such an amazing story. Not only did I get heaps and heaps of all the characters I’d come to love but you introduced all sorts of memorable new characters to both love (Sól) and to fear (David). All good.

Would it be silly for me to say that although I missed the talking cats (I was rooting for that inn cat to say something, but I guess he wasn’t in the mood), I was particularly touched by how you wrote the dogs? I loved how they reflected what was going on and brought both needed levity and stark fearsomeness.

Loved the continuing heat between Chris and Wynter, but also the keen relationship between Embla and Razi (who continues to be my Secret Favourite Character)

I thought the the pace was pretty relentless — I kept thinking, “Oh these poor guys, won’t Celine just let them have a good night’s sleep at least?” But no. 😉 All for the best, because the breakneck pace made for compulsive reading. It was very hard to put down. I was continuously saying, ‘just one more chapter’. Luckily, I’m not very busy right now, so I was able to indulge!

I loved getting to know the palace and all the political machinations in the first book, and it was also refreshing to have Le Gang out on the road in this one. Made for a very pleasant change.

I was particularly interested in how you handled the ‘second language’ passages. How to make sure the reader understands the action and at the same time being true to the language as spoken…well, it’s tricky, eh? So it was good to see it done so well here. I’m glad that I didn’t find the glossary until the very end. Working out all the language and cultural clues reminded me a little of Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy. In that novel, all the Indian vocabulary was used in situ, which made it dizzying, but it gave me (the reader) a little credit. I could work it out, usually. And especially when Wynter is supposed to be off-balance by this new situation, we feel her frustration right alongside. You know?

So, honestly, thanks for the great read.

Cheers, Liz

Anna (Ireland) (mild spoilers for The Poison Throne)

Dear Celine,

Hello my name is Anna, I’m (that girl) that you met at the bubblegum club book-lunch.since meeting you I’ve been trying 2 read the books between schoolwork and losing a LOT of sleep on it too.they are most amazing books Ive ever read and I couldn’t be happier that it has such a lovely writer behind it. As (my friend )would say it’s the best est est est est est book ever and now it holds pride of place on my desk. Thank you so much for my friend’s picture she was jumping up and down when she received it. I LOve the fact that you put Irish in for all us ‘merron’ out there! it’s about time people started using more ‘merron’ in books. I now proudly call myself 100 percent merron. I have yet to find a charachter that Ican identify as a well with as wynter. Love Chris and Razi too,thinking about Loracan makes me sad, he was great.

PS I go to a school where we speak merron all day long and alll that so i love it in your books. Slan agus go n-eiri an ta leat leis an leabhar nua!!! (goodbye and good luck with the new book) Ta siul agam feicfidh me tu nios deanai. barrogi mor (hope 2 c u soon, big hugs) Anna

Emily ( Australia) (The Poison Throne)

My name is Emily. I am a fourteen-year-old Australian who fell in love with The Poison Throne in the space of about five hours.

To start off with, a little about myself, and yes, this is going somewhere. I am, in short, a teenage academic. Knowledge is my passion, and coincidentally something I have found myself talented at accumulation. I am strongest in English areas- literature, grammar, writing, debating etc. I am a prolific reader, and will read just about any fantasy or sci-fi novel I can get my hands on. I adore the works of many authors, including Kate Forsyth, Isobelle Carmody, Garth Nix, Matthew Reilley, Christopher Paolini, Jonathan Stroud, John Flanagan, Stephanie Meyer, Cassandra Clare, and the more classic works of Phillip Pullman, Aldous Huxley, all three Bronte sisters, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jane Austen etc. As you will see if you are familiar with any of the titles written by these people, my tastes are very vague. I think I enjoy stories about medieval or renaissance times more than others, and I adore the inclusion of any form of magic in these novels. I love action, I love adventure, I love suspense, but I ADORE emotion. The best book is an emotional book, particularly romance or heartbreak. I abhor things resembling any part of rom-coms, or tween/teen flicks like High School Musical and Twilight. I love the book form of Twilight, but not the movie. It is too demeaning. Too ‘generic teenage girl’. Too “American Cultur-ific”. Honestly, if you ever make a movie based on one of your books, make it in Britain or Southern Ireland, no matter who the audience is. Trust me.

Anywho, The Poison Throne. I devoured it in record time, (for me), only yesterday. It was up there with the greats. It had bite. It had colour. It was set in a better time than the one we live in. It had romance. It had fear. It had depression. It had resignated hatred. It had surprise. It had ghosts and cats who spoke. Did I mention that I adore cats too? Best of all, the female lead was not a wuss. The only complaint I have about all five novels written by Stephanie Meyer is that Bella Swan (and Wanderer) relied constantly on the men in their presence to rescue them. Wanderer to a lesser extent than Bella, but the point stands. You, however, rose above that, and created a heroin who was almost perfect. She had a mouth on her, she carried daggers, she plied a man’s trade and dressed appropriately for it, she was clever, kind, realistic, faithful and loving. She was strong. She wasn’t a girl, she was a GIRL! I deeply admire you for that. Whats more, your story was appealing to a range of audiences. Here’s proof.

My mother and I walked into an Aussie bookstore, (name removed), while on holidays on Australia’s Northern Coast. We were looking for a book each for my twin brother and I for our plane trip back to Melbourne (where I live). I was looking for a book by Isobelle Carmody that I hadn’t read yet. It wasn’t there, but my mother refused to be dragged to any other bookshops in search of a book she was suspicious I had read before. We browsed around for about 15 minutes, picking up and discarding many titles. Finally, Mum found The Poison Throne and handed it to me. I immediately did a quick summary of the front cover in my head, assessing what the story was likely to be about before I read the blurb. I do this because, (as stupid as it is), covers either do or do not hold appeal for me, and I occasionally base my decision about whether or not to buy the book solely on that. I am ashamed to admit it, but there you go. Anyway, I must say that I thoroughly belive that your book covers are some of the best I have EVER seen. They are amazing. Emphasis. It is diffucult to convey the affection I have for your covers. I read to blurb next, and it was very appealing. Precisely what I look for, only in nutshell form. I had to have it. Mum grudgingly handed over the $50 note so I could pay, requesting that I get her a coffee after I had paid, while she kept looking for a book for Ryan. I bounced on up to the register, elated at my find, or my mother’s rather. The woman at the counter (roughly twenty-eight years of age) took one look at the book and gasped.
“I love that book!” she said. “It is amazing! The author is sublime. There are a few dark moments and heavy themes to it, but that only serve to make it better. If you’re any kind of reader at all, you will love it too. It’s marvellous. I desperately want to read the next one!” She smiled contentedly as I paid and left, no doubt reminiscing on her experiences with your book in hand.

You will be glad to know that I share her sentiment, magnified ten-fold. Thankyou, Celine Kiernan, for placing Wynter inside my head, Razi, Christopher and Lorcan too. I appreciate your effort and skill wholeheartedly.

I bet you hear this frequently from all of your various fans and groupies, but when do you think the next book will be released in Australia? Or Melbourne if it is possible for you to be that accurate? Any insight you have will no doubt be an amazing help.

Thankyou for your story, your magic and your time.

Carina (Germany) (The Poison Throne)

I’ve just finished the Poison Throne and started on Crowded Shadows right away. Your writing is absolutely brilliant, so vivid and compelling, it’s fantastic! Even at night when I was feeding (my baby) half asleep I found myself thinking about Wynter and Razi and Christopher.

Hannah (Ireland) (The Crowded Shadows)

I had prepared myself beforehand, told myself to be realistic, the second book so rarely lives up to the magic of the first. I just finished “The Crowded Shadows” and I was completely enthralled by the twists and turns! Though I don’t think anything would top “The Poison Throne” for the amazing politic tension, the raw emotion throughout “The Crowded Shadows” just had my heart bleeding for poor Christopher, Razi and Wynter! Now that I’m finished, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out so long to find out what happens when they finally meet Alberon! I especially want to know what Christopher thinks of him! Thanks for writing such an amazing story, I’ve had so much fun reading every word!

Fiona (New Zealand) (mild SPOILERS for Poison Throne.)
I was wandering around my favourite bookshop yesterday, feeling grumpy as I was in the mood for something new, and hadn’t found anything that wasn’t vampire/paranormal/Gossip Girl oriented. I spotted ‘The Poison Throne’, read the blurb and the first two pages, and immediately my mood improved, as I’d found my new book!

I’m at work now, and I had to leave Christopher in the keep, Razi getting ready to don the purple robe for the banquet, Wynter with her Da, who’s just had a massive argument with the King – I can’t wait till I find out what’s happening next! (Roll on 3pm, as I get to finish early today, so I’ll be reading by 3.30pm, traffic gods permitting…)

I’ve added your book to my Library Thing (fabfic-terrificteens), even though I haven’t finished it yet, as I want other people to know how much I love it. I’ll be raving to my book club on Thursday night about it, and also at the library conference I’m going to next week, as well as at the book club I run for our senior students. The only problem is – how long will I have to wait for ‘The Crowded Shadows’ to be released in NZ?

Thank you for such a wonderful world you’ve made for us to get lost in.

Natalia( Australia) (Poison Throne)

Dear Celine,
I know you probably hear this alot being an author but i absolutely
adore the Moorehawke Trilogy (please remember this is coming from an
average 13 year old) .
I think I should inform you that i am a bookworm and devour series
within the week. my friends think that reading is boring, and in their
opinion, a waste of time. I on the
other hand think reading is practically the best thing you can spend
time doing.I never watched TV except for when my family and i sit down
and watch a movie. i love to write and I have started many books
(stories) and i have being working on one recently. Back to your books.
All i really want to say is that you have done a brilliant job with your
writing. You have this way of expressing and describing the characters
habits, personalities and appearances, but not only characters but
settings and new places without going overboard (no offence to some
other writers) on the description. i hope you continue to write and
share your stories for many years to come. One day i hope to be a writer
too and maybe live up to your standards.

Christine (Australia) (Poison Throne)

Greetings from Australia,

I just wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book – “The Poison Throne” of your Moorehawke Trilogy.

As shallow as it may sound, I usually only borrow books if they have an attractive cover, and I was drawn to your book when it was newly bought and released for borrowing at my school library. I’m glad I picked it up!

Fantasy novels are among my favourite genre of fiction and I was not disappointed! I was surprised by how mature Wynter (I adore her name, by the way. It bears a connection to the season Winter from the looks of it) at the tender age of 15! I was absorbed through the whole course of the novel and finished it in one afternoon-evening (I try to take my time reading, but sometimes I just can’t stop myself from finishing a novel once I have started!) and the characters, actions, events became vivid images, formed in my mind as I read. I’m also curious as to the situation involving Alberon and the mysterious machine that is always mentioned between Jonathan and Lorcan. Moreover, I am really nervous of Lorcan’s fate – will he die? I shall have to read the next books to find out! (Its amazing how fictional characters and brilliant writing is able to incite such emotions and interest!)

I am looking forward to the next novel and will try to track it down in my local bookstore (as once I start a series, I must pursue it to the end!). And seeing that it is based on an alternate and fantastical Europe (and inevitably, Earth), I wonder, perchance, if the East or Orientals will make an appearance.

All the best for the future and I look forward to reading more of your novels!

Thank you for creating such enjoyable novels,

Marleene (Ireland) Blog (Crowded Shadows)

Wow, this was some reading experience. And action filled roller coaster ride where neither the main characters nor the reader are allowed to let their guard down for even a moment.
Wynter Moorhawke, after having left her beloved father behind, is travelling alone through forests filled with danger in an effort to find the rebel Prince Alberon. But others are on their way to his camp as well, and most of them are deadly dangerous.
A reunion with Razi and Christopher should make the journey safer, but with old enemies closing in on them, they can’t ever relax.
Joining up with a group of Christopher’s people, also on their way to the Rebel Prince’s camp, appears to bring them at least the safety of numbers, except that Christopher is desperate to leave them again, and unable or unwilling to explain why.
Religious and cultural differences arise and could easily tear the group apart again. They could also cost our heroes their lives.
And all the time the question remains; Why does Alberon appear to be seeking alliances with those who should be his enemies?
This book was darker and more action packed then the first one. It also revealed more about the main character’s backgrounds and motivations, which I found very satisfying. Especially since the author succeeded in making them well rounded and multi dimensional.
Celine Kiernan is a master at drawing the reader into her web of mystery, intrigue and violence. Her way with words makes the world described in the book real, a place you might well go and visit one day, if you were brave enough.
Although this book does come with a “not for the feint-hearted” warning, it would be a shame to miss out on this story if you enjoy a well written, and captivating adventure.

Sorcha (Ireland) (Major spoilers for The Crowded Shadows Don’t highlight the whited out areas unless you want to be spoiled))

I e-mailed you a few weeks ago about The Poison Throne because I enjoyed it so much. Well, here’s another e-mail because I enjoyed CS even more! It came to the bookshop yesterday (I ordered it) and once I came home from school, I did nothing but devour it. I finished it sometime (late) last night and it is almost definate that I have never read a better book. I love the twist with Chrisopher and the Wolves, and also the whole section regarding Sólmundr’s operation (was it appendicitis?). There’s so much emotion in the book, you can feel the aching yourself. Well, I could.
I (also want to) mention how much I love the Irish in the books. I have fluent Irish and the way you’ve used the language is just lovely. I got a few giggles from reading particular pieces… I was really surprised to see my own name, even if it was only a fleeting referance!

Stephanie (Australia) (The Poison Throne)
Hi – I work at Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney, Australia ( the oldest SF bookshop in the Southern hemisphere) and I just finshed my reading copy of The Poison Throne and LOVED it. Congrats – this is going to do well….


Eamonn (Belfast)

Just finished ‘The Crowded Shadows’ I didn’t think it could get any better then ‘The Poison Throne’ – boy was I TOTALLY wrong! Fantastic, jaw-dropping, shocking: what a roller coaster!

Anna Tomalczyk (Ireland) (mild spoilers for The Crowded Shadows)
First of all, I want to thank you SO much for your AMAZING books, especially the latest, The Crowded Shadows! After the first page I couldn’t find the strength in me to stop reading, even though I was incredibly exhausted that day. I read on and on, until I realized how late it was. The only thing that was stopping me from reading was sleeping, I even took the book with me to the shop to read! I know how crazy that sounds but I don’t think anyone has any idea how incredibly excited I was about the sequel. I went into raptures over the book!

Your books have EVERYTHING that I need in an awesome book, for it to amaze me, impress me and literally blow my mind away. I’m not much of a reader but I felt hypnotized – in the good way – while reading your books. I felt engulfed by the story and when I read it, I felt that there is nothing better in the world than reading, something I’ve never even thought of thinking about before! I absolutely loved the feeling of being drawn into the characters’ world, sharing their feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas as well as their journey. You descriptions and the style you write in are so picturesque that I felt like I was part of the book, like it was my second life and I didn’t want to move out of it back into reality.

I was amazed at how skillfully you were able to switch from humor to the moments of fear and fights to romance – although I was a little bit disappointed that Chris was quite reluctant to taking ‘the next step’ ^^

I don’t know how you do it but the humor in the book was in the most perfect moments possible, especially “Tá orm chac a dhéanamh!” 😀 The romance, too, was so real, it added brilliantly to the book and I must admit I always smiled at how loving and caring both Wyn and Chris were, it reminded me of my boyfriend 🙂

I have all the images from the first book in my mind and adding the sequel to it was incredible, it felt like finding something extremely valuable and placing it next to its predecessor on my little shelf. I loved the fact that the second book focuses mostly on the characters being outdoors, it gave the book a whole new atmosphere while still reminding me of what happened in The Poison Throne. I felt a constant uneasy feeling, to the threats that were waiting there for Wyn, Chris and Razi.

I must say I LOVED how you portrayed Wynter in The Crowded Shadows, her slight innocence still apparent yet she gave that impression of a really strong warrior, and I felt face-slapped when I realized ‘oh yeah, she’s only 15!’ ^^

You did an extraordinary job Celine, and I hope I’ll get to read The Rebel Prince as soon as possible, I can’t wait for the end to the story! My shelf is now waiting for the third piece! 😀

Tara (Ireland) (Mild spoilers for The Crowded Shadows)
Its been a while since i’ve founda book that truely captures my imagination but this book or rather these books do. Its impossible not to love the characters and the relationships and the general i suppose feel of the book.

I personnaly write a bit myself mostly short stories that lack dept in my honest opinion. So this i supose has given me a greater admiration for books and stories that have the imagery to bring to a place and immerse you in its surroundings, way of life, culture and enviroment. This book does all that and seems to do it seamlessly almost like the author has lived these characters lived and the stories has always been waiting to be told.

I being irish have been studying irish since i started school . Its not my best subject but i don’t dislike it. I love the way this book embraces that irish language with little phrases and words. Like sceal and my personnal favourite Craoi eile (excuse my spelling like i said not my best subject) . I find the way christopher refers to Wynter as his other heart so immensly heart warming that i was practicly trying to dive into the book to tell him so. Apart from the fact that i love the sentiment of that practicular phrase i love how an irish author has used irish as a part of this story its said to be a dieing language but if all irish authors embraced it liek this i doubt it would ever die.

In case your wondering i’m deliberatly ( again sorry for my spelling) avoiding the topic of what happens in the book itself this is as i feel it is a story that needs to be read to be apriciated it needs to be taken in one word at a time . But perhaps my favourite part of the book is not the exciting pulse racing nerve rackingly insanely suspense filled moments but the Wynter Christopher relationship. This has fascinated me from the beginning and it continues to do so. The way it evolves and progresses and changes has had me turning pages and reading words faster then i thought possible.

To round off. I like to think i have a good archive of books in my read section from Harry potter to the kite runner to twilight to The shadow of the wind. All of them i are books i have enjoyed reading and rereading. But this book and the whole trilogy deserves its own spot in my all time top books of the universe and all other universes ever. It holds its own ( in my opinion) against the thrills of harry potter and the relationships of twilight and the downright awesomeness of the book thief, his dark materials and well any other book i ‘ve read.

So all in all this book is a must read. It is a book that would capture anyones imagination it will take you to another time and place and you will never want to leave because one becomes entrawled in its stories. If i had a say in the matter i would not let this trilogoy stop at three books. But alas i do not. All i can do know is sit and wait impatiently for book 3 which will undoubtly surpass the previous two books.


Valentina’s Room: Book Blog(mild spoilers for The Poison Throne)
Set in a fantastical medieval Europe, The Poison Throne tells the story of Wynter, a 15-year-old qualified apprentice who, at the beginning of the book, has just returned with her sick father, the Lord Protector Lorcan, to the court of King Jonathon, after years spent in the Northlands training. She remembers the court as a joyful place, where she grew up playing with the king’s two sons, Alberon and Razi,whom she considers her brothers. But now everything has changed. The once civilised, illuminated realm is oppressed by the King’s brutal inquisition. Cats, once revered and cared for, are being persecuted, accused of spreading malicious rumors throughout the court and no one speaks to them anymore. Ghosts have been declared officially non-existing.
And gibbets have been reintroduced.
The happy times Wynter hoped to come back to have been replaced by fear and conspiracies, suspicions and tortures. But why? What has led king Jonathon to change his ways so dramatically?
Wynter is desperate to find answers. Especially because the lives of her beloved brothers might be in danger. Alberon, the legitimate son, is missing, while Razi, the bastard son, is being forced to take his place as the heir to the throne.
This story is not your usual fantasy adventure for teenagers. And maybe that’s why it took me a little longer to get into it. It’s a story about intrigue at court, yes, but at its core it’s a story about relationships, about the strong bond that can exist between friends, family or lovers. It’s real, and it’s intense, but in a world ruled by protocol and politics, personal affections can become obstacles, or even powerful tools, depending who is using them.
In this first chapter of the Moorhawke trilogy, nothing is revealed easily. The reality of what is happening is uncovered little by little, and it gets increasingly engrossing by the page.
At first I wasn’t particularly drawn to the main character, Wynter. I didn’t like how she judged Razi’s friend Christopher, so quickly and superficially, as soon as she met him. But as the story unravels, and we get to know her more, she gains more credit for being a strong, confident young woman, who’s mature for her age, skilled in the art of etiquette and court’s discipline, and filled with deep love for her father and her friends.
Christopher is another very interesting character, whom I’d love to read more about. He has a mysterious past, which we can only guess is not the happiest, and is incredibly loyal to his friend Razi.
There’s not much more I can say about the characters and the story without ruining it. But I can talk about the writing, which was rich, elegant and detailed, despite the use of some strong language and some mild swearing. It was very honest and physical too, creating some very intimate moments, which I didn’t expect. It was also visually violent, sometimes, so beware younger readers.
As I said, it was the first chapter of a trilogy, so there is no real conclusions. It has only started.
Which is why I’m so thrilled to have the ARC of the second chapter, The Crowded Shadows already in my possession!
I’m looking forward to seeing what is expecting our heroes, as the scene moves from the claustrophobic walls of the castle to the dangers of the outside world. Exciting!


Joy (Belfast) (mild spoilers for The Poison Throne)

I have just finished reading The Poison Throne for the second time and
remembered how much I loved it the first time around! I wanted to just
tell you how much I enjoyed reading it and thank you for
writing it! My favourite character is Christopher and I was seriously
distraught when he got so badly injured, I could almost feel the
bruises on his face!
You are a very talented writer and I wanted to thank you for what you
have on your website which is a quote from when you were guest speaking
at a college somewhere. I have copied it out because I think it will
inspire me in my own writing. I don’t have great aspirations for
publishing anything but I feel most like myself when I am writing so I
will continue to do that, should no-one ever read anything I have

Thanks again. Looking forward to the second book!


(Anna – Ireland) (mild spoilers for the Poison Throne)

We were given a task in school to have something prepared about a book we last read and I UTTERLY LOVED!!! your book so much that I’m going to recommend it to everyone in class! I cried at the end of it when Lorcan was pushing Wynter out of the rooms and he never told her he loved her back! But I wasn’t disappointed there at all, it just completely took my heart up!

I noticed a few text/spelling mistakes too but I’m very itchy about things like that an I’m sure they’ll be fixed, plus I’d say normal people wouldn’t even notice it

I’ll have to be patient I guess but the problem with the book being released in September means that the whole summer I’ll have nothing to read and then when I get Book 2, I’ll be struggling to read it because I’ll be just after starting 6th year And I’m TERRIBLE with reading books, yet at the same time I’m craving to read on what happens. The Poison Throne was honestly the BEST book I’ve ever read, its so arresting and I couldn’t let go of it, I couldn’t stop reading at all! It’s so vibrant and I love the transitions from humor to the horror parts, especially when Wynter was in the torture chamber, that was just classic! But I’m so damn curious about “The Machine”, i want to know so badly what it is and what it did! And my absolute favorite thing about the entire book was the fact that you have such an amazingly impressive talent to describe things and thats just perfect for me because I can’t describe anything for my life! Whichever part I read I get totally pulled into it, I can imagine the slightest change on the character’s expressions, I honestly FEEL how they do and their laughter or their tears running down their faces, you make reading so easy, so accessible and enjoyable, and that’s an awesome thing for someone so unread and book-hating as myself! I’m almost jumping out of my chair and I’m overly excited yet at the same time reading the last page and closing the book was painful…

I super hope that I’ll get your signature on the other books too xD


(Elizabeth – Canada) (mild spoilers for The Poison Throne )
I started (The Poison Throne) right before Christmas, then had to give it to the girlchild for her gift, so it disappeared from my bedside and into the Dark Mess that is her room… I just picked it up again this week and couldn’t put it down. I loved an awful lot about it, but particularly the characters, how they were with each other, how deeply they felt about each other. I also enjoyed their voices and accents, how vividly that added (rather than detracted) from their character. The humour mixed with horror was good, too. Doing it well is the trick, so that the horror isn’t infantilized by inappropriate humour, you’ve hit right on it.

I really liked the cat, too, which is a surprise to me, since I don’t normally like things like talking animals. It makes me wonder why Jonathan has outlawed them (and the ghosts), and why it’s cats that can talk in the first place (do other animals talk, I wonder?). I expect I’ll have to wait for the next one for the answers to these questions, eh?

Which brings me to another delicious thing that I liked in the book: that you didn’t give me all the answers. It’s what I enjoy about my favourite authors, that they don’t spoonfeed me the details or the answers — they expect me to be smart. Sometimes, it’s exquisite torture, of course, but there you go. If I wanted instant gratification, I’d be reading something else.


(Bettina – ireland)

loved the first book, can’t wait to read the second – even though I certainly don’t fall unter “young adult” anymore:))


(Stephanie in Cork) (mild spoilers for Poison Throne)

Dear Celine Kiernan,

I recently read a copy of your debut novel, ‘The Poison Throne’ on holidays and I fell in love with it! The detail and intricacy and obvious amount of effort you put into it shone through. Sometimes, particularly at the start, I felt like I was being submerged into an entirely new world and had to come up for air once or twice! I started reading it in the afternoon and couldn’t bear to tear myself away from it at all ( only very reluctantly doing so when my dinner turned up!)

I though the characters were great – especially Christopher Garron and Razi! Christopher made me laugh nearly every time he turned up, with his practical earthy view of the world and watching Razi’s character develop was so sad especially when he had to torture the poor assassin. Lorcan’s friendship with Jonathon felt so real and I loved the way it seemed to move above the worries and protocols they had to deal with and just seemed like two men with a lot shared talking to each other. Even when you described people reacting to each other ( like when Christopher said Wynter’s arse looked better in a pair of trousers – I loved Lorcan’s reaction there! ha-ha!) it seemed so natural, not forced or fake – just real.

I think the way you described the world is brilliant. Sometimes, when people write stories set in court, they forget about how precarious and oppressive it can be. But you managed to convey it greatly ( in a great way?) in the way Wynter and her friends act, with the plots and blackmail and the masks. It’s like you lived through it!

I honestly don’t think there’s a single weak point in this entire novel. The only bits I didn’t really take to were the dreams, but then I don’t take to dreams that much anyway. Apart from that minute detail, I thought the plot was tight and well written and certainly not lacking drama, humour or … anything!

Without a doubt this book has jetted up to one of my top-ten favourite reads in the past few years.

I can’t wait for the next book in the trilogy and will definitely be looking out for it! Good luck with it!


NOTE FROM CELINE to (Anna in Ireland)

Anna sent me a very lovely letter thanking me for a talk I gave in her school. I just wanted to acknowledge how much it meant to me to hear from her. There were many personal things in the letter and so I won’t put it on-line, but thank you so much, Anna. I found your letter very moving and I’m delighted to hear that my talk made such a difference to you.


(Kerri in Germany blog link)
( major spoilers for Poison Throne: Be Warned!)

Hi Celine,

Well, I just finished reading The Poison Throne, actually inhaled it would be more of an apt description. I couldn’t put it down. First, I’ll let my Americanness take over and say, “It was like, so awesome!” Whew! Glad I got that out.

I’ll try not to gush, but it’s going to be difficult. I really enjoyed the book and your writing. It’s third person but sometimes I felt as if I was Wynter, experiencing her hurt, anger and sadness. It’s very rare that I feel that way when reading a book. The subtle shifting of scenes was very natural. The way you handled diverse subjects from torture to omens (ravens, sky, etc); it was subtle and vivid at the same time. I think you are the Mistress of Foreboding, equal only to my favorite author, Mr. Poe.

That brings me to my greatest irritation, Lorcan. You took me on such and emotional roller-coaster. So many times I thought he’d die and then he survived. I was so certain that he’d die just as she was leaving. And what happens? He makes the greatest sacrifice a parent can and pushes her away. That was worse than his death. As a mom, I can only imagine the pain he felt, yet the firm resolve that he was sending her to safety. It was unexpected and heart-wrenching. So yes, you made me cry.

Do you know who my favorite character is? Jonathon. He’s enigmatic and real. I really want to know why he changed and what happened with him and his sons. What’s the history with his sons’ mothers?

I have so many questions (rhetorical of course)- Where did Christopher go? What’s going to happen to Razi? Will Wynter be able to say goodbye to Lorcan? I’m ready for The Crowded Shadows. It’s finished, right?

My mom and her friends haunt my blog (it’s actually very sweet) and now they all want to read it. This was the conversation:

Mom: “I’ve heard about that book.”

Me: “I’m really enjoying it.”
Mom: “I’d like to read it, but…”
Me: “But what?”
Mom: “Well, Kerri, I’m almost 52 years old.”
Me: “And I’m 35.”

Mom: laughing, “Okay. Oh! R wants to read it, and B and…and…”

So my question to you is when will it be released in the US? I also got an e-mail from someone in Australia and I referred them to you website and publisher, is it going to be released worldwide?

It really is a fantastic book. It reminds me of one of my favorites, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell in that after I read it, I felt like it all happened, that this story was about actual people. Maybe their stories were forgotten over time but found and told to the world. Congratulations on a great book and I really can’t wait to read more.


(Jane in USA)
I just finished The Poison Throne and wanted to write and say… When is the second one being published? :o)

I really enjoyed it, your writing is lovely to read, descriptive without being too wordy. The characters well thought out and interesting. I am dying to know what happens next, although there were some hints in the summaries at the end of the book…;o)

I hope it’s doing really well for you, it’s a marvelous read and I am sure I’m not the only one looking forward to the next one!


Eamonn ( Belfast) (This mail refers to the short story The Risk Of Tuppence)

Just read your Christmas story – loved it!

A Dublin Dickensian classic: evocative, compassionate, human – I could almost hear the consumptive coughs from the urchins in the crowded tenements. Just brilliant!


(Sheona in Germany) (spoilers for Poison Throne)

I tend to read very quickly when I want to know a story, so I have done that with The Poison Throne. (not as quickly as Harry Potter because I forced myself to slow down)

Anyway – I’ll be reading it again shortly and may see other things that I want to say. But for now…

On page 47 there’s a strange “Razi” for no reason about a quarter of the way down the page, right at the end of the line.

On page 170 – when we have the bit about the chap who tried to kill Razi being chased through the woods – you have the word assailant twice within one paragraph. Now – I only spotted it because assailant is a good word to use, and in fic-writing my beta used to beat me up something rotten about things like that. (and I’m only mentioning it because for me, the editor should have maybe mentioned that – on the other hand, perhaps you wanted it like that in which case, what do I know?)

On page 383 – where Christopher is describing his father’s death there is a whole swathe of italics. Now normally they have been used to indicate either internal dialogue or for emphasis. Was it supposed to be like that? I read the paragraph twice because at first I thought he was thinking that, but then I realised he was telling Wynter.

That’s enough of that (and nothing else jumped out at me)

I really liked the slow reveal, and how we’re kept guessing about the Bloody Machine. The torture, btw, made my hair stand on end (really vivid imagination) and I absolutely loved some of the minor characters who you have drawn in with really very few words, but completely vividly. The description of the kitchen at the beginning is fantastic. I loved the little spit boy, and the way Razi was taking care of him. Nice touch.

The cats… hmmmm… having read the extract ( on your website), that turned out to be only a dream, I was expecting a lot more of the cats. That’s misleading and that’s perfectly ok for me. But the cat appearing right in the opening paragraph, and Wynter’s dismay at the non-communication with it made me expect more disappointment from her about the lack of cats. When she found out two of the old ones were still around, I thought she might want to go and see them. So I was beginning to get really miffed about the lack of cats – when ol’ ginger turns up and is a complete pain in the arse of a Cheshire cat and i liked that.


You know what this put me in mind of? Gormengahst – with all the protocol and mad titles for everyone. The difference being I really didn’t like any of the Titus Groan novels and this one I loved.

The scene where Christopher leaves was lovely, as was the bit where Razi’s real note to Wynter turned up nearly made me cry.

What else strikes me… oh yes, it’s difficult (although there are a few helpful reminders) for me to remember that the dad is 11 years younger than me.

Oh yes! The whole apprentice thing with the badges, laces etc etc. Brilliantly done!

Right I’m done gushing (probably not, actually – tell me if you want me to go away now)


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