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Wynter : Knitting

A wee drawing for a Moorehawke fan, who is also an avid knitter…

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The Ending of The Rebel Prince

SPOILERS FOR THE REBEL PRINCE: DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED! You’re sure? OK. So I got a note this morning from a lovely reader in the US who asked me why I’d chosen to end the … Continue reading

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*punches air in triumph*

I’m so horribly behind in answering my fan-mails. Seriously I should be shot. I can only apologize (again), and promise (again) that I’ll catch up soon. BUT I got two separate messages this morning that so filled me with glee and pride and triumph … Continue reading

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In future I shall have her bake a cake.

Grrrr. I’ve just tolerantly smiled my way through an e-mail lecture on how Wynter ‘betrayed’ Christopher by concentrating more on politics than on his feelings, and how she ‘doesn’t deserve his love’ – only to find I wasn’t, as I … Continue reading

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Christopher Garron Bracelet Tattoo (In Full)

The lovely Edith of Tirindeth’s Books has sent me a photo of her completed tattoo. It is based  Christopher Garron’s Merron snake bracelets and on the design she asked me to do of them. So many hours of pain must have gone into … Continue reading

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Sól’s Bear Bracelets

I’m just using the last few days of my holidays to catch up on my backlog of drawings. This is the tied down design for the Merron bear bracelets that Sólmundr, Hallvor and (eventually) Christopher wear in The Moorehawke Trilogy. … Continue reading

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Very rough pages14&15 webcomic

OK, so it’s be, like, a FOREVER ago since I got the chance to work on the webcomic. I was jonesing, man. So I blew off work yesterday and today, and sketched out the next three pages. Thought I’d share … Continue reading

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Merron Bracelet Tattoo Design

  Quite a while ago I promised the lovely Edith Mi from Tirinideth’s Books that I would design a tattoo for her based on Christopher Garron’s tribal snake bracelets. Well, I FINALLY got around to doing so and here they … Continue reading

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I’m baaaaacccckkkk

A quick note to say sorry for the silence!! My second laptop went and turned up its toes on me a couple of weeks ago and I’m such a webtrog that it’s taken me THIS LONG to figure out the … Continue reading

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Pages 8 & 9

Double page spread of the Moorehawke comic. Sorry this was so late coming folks, ongoing headaches have cut down my computer time in the last couple of weeks. (high res versions of all can be found on my DA gallery where … Continue reading

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