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Fantasy Writing Course, Dublin, 2014

I’m just popping in briefly to say I’ll be hosting a workshop in the Irish Writers’ Centre, Dublin on February 1st and February 8th 2014. The Fantasy Novel Writing Course is an intensive two day course for writers looking to complete or polish a … Continue reading

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WiP Wordle

Heee. I should be working ( and I will be. I SWEAR IT. Any minute now I’m about to settle down and pump out today’s requisite word count) but I got a teensy bit distracted. At the weekend writing course … Continue reading

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Goodbye to my darling Aussie

Well, she’s gone. My beloved Elise Jones, editor, co-conspirator, and fruit-loop extraordinaire. She and her amazingly tall companion have departed. Woe. Sorrow. Loneliness. I’m weeping quietly as I scoop the last of the koala bear poop into a forlornly discarded corkbobble hat. My house no … Continue reading

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Five Sleeps til the Australian Landing

See this woman? See her? Do you know who that is? That, dear friend and heart, is my beloved, my darling, my I’m-never-letting-you-go-as-long-as-I-have-finger-nails-to-cling-with* Australian editor Ms Elise Jones. I may have mentioned her before** but in case you don’t know, Elise … Continue reading

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You won’t find me stepping out from behind you in the cinema queue

Yesterday, as part of the comments thread in this post, Maeve from Yellow Brick Reads linked me to the above video. I think it’s hilarious – but it also sparked a reaction from me that I’d like to move from … Continue reading

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And here’s the truth of it…

You come home. You put your awards on the shelf.You go right back to being the same irritating, insecure asshole you were before.

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Tripping ourselves up with the best of intentions

On foot of my last blog post, in which (among other things) I discussed how difficult it is to preserve within a reader’s mind a solid visual image of your character and how this can sometimes lead to shocking reactions when … Continue reading

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And this again…

Sadly, it’s time to post this again. I’m beginning to think I should wear some kind of badge. It’s understandable I suppose, the folks to whom I give writing classes and lectures etc are forewarned about what they may see on the … Continue reading

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There’s nothing more satisfying…

…than finally printing out the entire manuscript. Behold… Now I’m off out into the garden with a Marilyn Monroe biography and a glass of white wine and I’m not going to have one single deep thought for an entire month. … Continue reading

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Some Advice Please…

I got this e-mail on Sunday (scroll down to read) and while I do intend answering it to the best of my abilities, and while I’m very happy to detail my experience and explain how I managed to become a … Continue reading

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