Moorehawke Webcomic Roughs

Nom Nom Nom

All the Moorehawke webcomic pages in one convenient place. High res versions of all can be found on my DA gallery where you can navigate from page to page. (PLEASE NOTE: these are just roughs. BGs are only sketched. Some designs (Merron jewellery, heraldic shields etc) are not yet tied down. Text may contain spelling or punctuation errors.)

Page One: Wild Infant Christopher remembers his mother, and what a demented little wolf-boy he was. (I got Christopher’s Mam’s Finnish from  terrible online translation site. If anyone can tell me how to actually say ‘No Christopher! Not the chicken!’ in Finnish, I’d be ever so grateful.)

Page Two:  Aidan Garron Christopher meets his Dad for the first time. (Like with the Finnish in page one, please excuse any mistakes in the Irish here – these are just roughs and I’ve yet to check any of the dialogue. And I misspelled Aidan. Doh. )

Page Three: Lost Mama How Aidan became his Dad.

Page Four: Growing Up Life with Aidan and the troupe.

Page Five: Loups-Garous That village in Hollis.

Page Six:    Slaves  That moor somewhere in the Midlands.

Page Seven: Left Behind Goodbye Aidan.

Pages 8&9 : Pushed to the Limit. From the Europes to The Moroccos.

Pages 10&11: Almost a Wolf. Title page of webcomic.

Page Twelve: The New Pack. Chris wakes from dreams of the past.

Page Thirteen: Tenderness. Wynter brings Chris back to himself.

coming next

Page 14: A new dawn.

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