Lemoncello sing live at Raggedy Witches book launch

Thanks to everyone who turned up at the Begone the Raggedy Witches book launch last Thursday. Oh man, it was packed out, people came from London, Wexford, Cork, Belfast, Galway, Navan and Dublin. Folk brought cake (cake!) It was such a warm, happy, loving event. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you, thank you for all your support.

I was thrilled to introduce everyone to the fantastic Lemoncello and to hear the full Raggedy Witches song performed live at the event. I think you’ll agree, this duo is amazing. ( Thanks to Conor Hackett for taking the above footage of their performance. I hope to make an animated video for the entire song later this year. And thanks too, to Toomey AudioVisual for handling the sound on the night)

It’s been a hectic and exciting week, and I’ve had a lot of fun. But I need to retreat for a little while now as I’ve a very tight deadline for the structural edits on Raggedy 2. I might be a wee bit quiet for a while. Until I return, enjoy this beautiful performance and (hopefully) enjoy Raggedy Witches too.

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Begone the Raggedy Witches Booktrailer

So glad to be able to share this with you at last!
The animated booktrailer for Begone the Raggedy Witches.
This features original music inspired by the book and written by LemonCello.
They’ll be playing the full song at the book launch this Thursday, Feb 15th, at 6.30 in Easons Ireland on O’Connell St Dublin. Hope to see you there!

(Video animated by me, using Victoria Semykina‘s glorious artwork from the cover of Walker Books UK edition)

You can buy Begone the Raggedy Witches at the following places:




Book Depository





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More Raggedy Witches Animation


Still messing about with gifs as I animate the book trailer for ‘Begone the Raggedy Witches‘. This is Mup and her dog, Badger, and her best friend Crow, walking through the witch-haunted woods of her grandmother’s kingdom.

I’ve animated sections of Victoria Semykina‘s beautiful cover artwork from the WalkerUK edition of the book.

Having lots of fun doing this (though I should really be working on my editorial notes for book two!)

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Raggedy Witch Animation

So while I’ve been working away on my agent’s notes for Book Two, I’ve also been fiddling with some animation for next year’s Raggedy Witches music video (I need to hand a timed reel over to the musician soon, so he can get on with writing the music)

Just realized I can do animated gifs from the main timeline!

It’s got to be a crime to be having this much fun.

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Going Dark

I’m taking  the next two weeks off in order to finish book two of Wild Magic. I’ll literally be sending the Internet out the door so won’t be accessible at all via mobile phone, twitter, Facebook  or email.

Be good to each other while I’m gone. Be brave. Be critical. Resist.

See you on the other side,


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Raggedy Witch Conceptual Sketch

Been messing around a fair bit today, drawing conceptual artwork in preparation for the Raggedy Witches: Wild Magic animated video I hope to make next year. Mup and the Raggedy Witches may not stay looking like this but I quite like this image…



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Seriously : Leslie Odom Jr, Sara Bareilles

This. This. This. The beauty and power of this.

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