Happy dancing…

The dragon and I are dancing because I’ve finally been given permission to share the happy news. Resonance will be on the Australian bookshelves shelves in May 2013!

*swings dragon around the room singing tralalalaaaaaa*

I’m so delighted to be working with my darling Aussies again (for whom I sing multiple praises here) This will be my fifth book with dearest darlingest Elise Jones – the editor with the patience of a saint, a will of iron and the eye of an eagle ( yes, she is an eighties superhero cartoon.) I’m also thrilled at the prospect of working with Allen and Unwin’s AMAZING design team again. *muffles squee at the thoughts of everything Bruno and Ruth et al could do with this particular book*

It’s very early for blurbs etc but suffice it to say Resonance revolves around immortal pirates, a captive Angel, the harsh, dark world of Victorian Ireland, a hardworking seamstress, a struggling magician and a penniless cab driver. The Aussies are labeling it ‘metaphysical gothic fiction’ which will do very nicely for now, thank you very much!

I technically finished  Resonance in June 2011, but it’s a book that has been a long long time in the writing so there are little bits and pieces of it all over the internet.

The first actually appeared in the Irish Independent Christmas Supplement way back in 2008. It was a small short story I wrote for them based on the childhood of my beloved character Joseph and his friend Tina. This story is set 7 years before Resonance begins and so Joe is only ten in it – but in the featured gif, I chose to draw him as the seventeen-year-old he is in the book. Oh Joe, you break my heart every time.

The second appeared in 2010, in an interview with Galaxybooks for one of their Raw Quill articles. This section had  been written literally only a few days before posting.

The next was a tiny tiny section which I included on the comments of this blog post. My son had shot a video of Bantry House in CO Cork which so reminded me of my (then) work in progress that I couldn’t help sharing it.

And finally, this section here which includes one my favorite characters that I’ve ever written, Vincent, as he dives to the bottom of a frozen lake in hopes of finding answers to questions that have bothered him for centuries.

OH. *starts to dance again as excitement overcomes me* I’m so happy. I’M SO HAPPY.

Let the process commence.

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4 Responses to Happy dancing…

  1. Louise says:

    I am so so excited for this book!! Thanks to Jane Eyre I have a healthy appreciation for anything described in any way as “gothic fiction”. But waiting for over a year is going to be torture!

    • Hee hee. Jane Eyre – I hadn’t thought of it before, but there are certain slim similarities. Well. One certain slim similarity.

      Over a year feels torture to me too. But its just around the corner in publishing terms. I haven’t even a clue re a UK/US date 😀

  2. Oh Congrats!! I bet that feels like a huge weight off your shoulders knowing the book is going. 🙂 Best of luck to you!!

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