Page 14 Webcomic, Cleanup

I won’t annoy you with any more of this until it’s fully penciled and painted, but I had a good time with this today and thought I’d share. This is the cleaned up drawing of page 14 of the Moorehawke webcomic. It’s part of a two page spread ( you can see the roughs of the entire spread, with dialogue, here.)

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2 Responses to Page 14 Webcomic, Cleanup

  1. So close! 😀 Can’t wait to see it all done.

    • Me neither. Must get back to writing now though – my holidays were meant to have been over yesterday but the arrival of my lovely Aussie ed means they’ve been extended by three days ( WOOTHOOT ) From Thurs on I need to really concentrate on the horribly neglected new book (what the hell happened me this year?? Its like – for the first time in my life – my work ethic just took a vacation)

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