More terrific Into the Grey Reviews (USA)

Into the Grey USA Many thanks to my American publishers, Candlewick, for sharing these with me. The first is from American Library Association magazine, Booklist. The second is from library review journal, VOYA.

Into the Grey.

Kiernan, Celine (Author) Aug 2014. 304 p. Candlewick, hardcover,  $16.99. (9780763670610).

When 15-year-old twins Dominick and Patrick lose their home to a fire, their family moves to the seaside cottage where they usually spend their summers. Everything seems run of the mill, until the twins start having vivid, terrifying dreams about a bad man coming to take them, and when they wake they’re filled with a ravenous, mindless hunger. Soon the dreams start bleeding into reality, and Pat sees an ominous WWI soldier lurking in the shadows. Then he wakes to a terrifying goblinlike creature talking to his brother in the night. When Dom becomes possessed by a ghost and his body turns dangerously ice-cold, no one in their loving family save Pat seems to notice, so he takes it upon himself to dig up clues about the ghost in the hopes that he can rescue his twin. Dom and Pat share a deeply loving bond, which makes Pat’s panic over Dom’s transformation palpable. In stark, eerie passages, Kiernan tells a gripping story as much about the love between brothers as it is about ghosts.  — Sarah Hunter

Into the Grey. Candlewick, 2014. 304p. $16.99. 978-0-763-67061-0.


This award-winning export from Ireland is an atmospheric ghost story set in the 1970s. After Nan burns down the house, Dom and Pat’s family move into a seaside cottage. At night they both have weird dreams, and soon Dom is speaking with the goblin-boy, a strange ghostlike creature that is afraid of the soldier. When Dom is possessed by it, Pat knows that he has to save his brother since his parents are oblivious to the changes in Dom. Joint hauntings and not-so-scary ghosts become the focus in the last part of the novel.

When Pat initially hears and sees the goblin-boy, the tension and atmosphere are genuinely creepy. The creepiness slowly disappears once Dom is possessed. Pat’s confusion, anger, and frustration are authentic. The appearance of James, the old man, and Nan’s sudden lucidness are convenient for the author to fill in the blanks for Pat and the not-Dom. In the end, the author has created an interesting realm of the afterlife within a story that has multigenerational focuses, making it a richer account. Readers may struggle with some of the historical details, as well as the heavy usage of Irish and British slang and accents, but if they soldier on, they will be rewarded with a ghost story that encompasses heartache from two generations and the love brothers have for their twins—both living and dead.—Kristin Fletcher-Spear.

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Lovely Into the Grey review from Carousel Magazine

Into the Grey Another lovely review of Into the Grey, this time from Carousel: The Guide to Children’s Books. Many thanks to my eds at Walker UK for forwarding this to me:

Into the Grey

Walker(eB) £6.99 ISBN 978-1406347326

After Nan accidentally burns down their house in Dublin, Pat and Dom’s family retreat to their normal holiday spot in Skerries. Perhaps because they have lost everything in the fire, the twins make an unwelcome connection with the mysterious and deadly goblin-boy. Pat must race to understand what the goblin-boy wants before his presence kills his twin bother, Dom. Set in 1974, this haunting ghost story shows how sadness can continue to affect later generations. The story leads back to a simple, but effective, portrayal of the First World War, as well as the limbo world of spirits, the Grey. Celine Kiernan has something profound to say about how our relationships are as much as part of who we are as are our actions and our memories. This exciting and chilling yarn shows the power of sibling relationships to both be destructive in their need and profoundly nurturing in their generosity.

(Benjamin Scott)

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Resonance : Chapter One.

Bat dinkusSo we’re nearing the end of copy-edits on Resonance! It’s been over four years since I finished the first draft of this novel, believe it or not. I still love it dearly. As my beloved editor and I march valiantly towards the finish-line, I thought we’d celebrate hitting the final stretch by sharing the first chapter with you.

You can read it here on the blog , or you can download it as a pdf. I hope you enjoy it.

(Many thanks to all of you who voted for which dinkus I should use in this online edition. As you will see, the spider won out over the carriage by the slimmest of margins.)

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Choose a dinkus for me :)

Update midday 11/07/’14 And Spider Dinkus wins by one hairy leg! I’ll post the chapter soon, folks.

Ok guys, so we’re nearing the end of copy-edits on Resonance (the book I have coming out next year) So I thought I’d share the first chapter with you. I designed a few wee dinkuses to break up the text but I can’t decide which to use. Let me know on twitter or FB or here which you like. The one with the most votes gets used when I put the chapter up today.

The Carriage Dinkus?

carriage dinkus




The Bat Dinkus?

Bat dinkus






Or the Spider Cage Dinkus?

Spider dinkus








I’m going to leave these up until noon. Then I’ll put the new chapter online.




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Into the Grey giveaway & Resonance News.

Into the Grey USA The wonderful YA Books Central are giving away a copy of the beautiful Candlewick edition of Into the Grey. All you need do to be in with a chance to win, is to leave your name here. (extras for those who can say what Trilogy I’m best known for :) )

By the way, stay tuned. I’m just heading into the copy edits for Resonance (WOOT HOOT!) This book was two years in the writing, and it’s been four long years since I handed it over to my publishers. I love this book with all my heart. It’s very important to me. To celebrate being so close to finishing, I’m going to share the first few pages with you very very soon.

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All Right! I’m not a fan of Stain’d* but man, YES. This is what we’re talking about when we talk about opposing rape culture.

NOTE: I love how he says, ‘now girls, feel free to crowd surf safely’ at the end of it.’ Not ‘she put herself up there, she knew what she was getting into’ not ‘don’t crowd surf and nothing will happen’ Just ‘don’t do that to her’.

*you can bet your arse I’ll be checking them out now, though!

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Another lovely review for Into the Grey

Into the GreyTo go with last week’s USA School Library Journal review, Walker have sent me a scan of this lovely UK School Librarian magazine review of Into the Grey:

Kiernan, Celine.
Into the Grey
Walker. 2013. £6.99. 978 1 40634 732 6

Set in Ireland during the 1970s, this haunting supernatural thriller is well written and hard to put down. Patrick knows nothing about loss, even though he thinks everything is lost after his Nan burns their house down. It is not until he moves with his twin brother, younger sister and parents to their seaside holiday rental home that he learns what loss really is when he loses his twin to a ghost from the past. The plot is complex, and at times bewildering as Patrick seems to be the only person who understands what is happening to his brother, apart from his sister, and she is too young to offer him any real support.

The settings move between 1970s Ireland and the trenchs of the First World War, the time when Patrick’s Nan was young. All of the characters are well described and have a credible part to play in the story. Dreams are used to move the plot along and to enable Patrick find answers ‘in the grey’. i found this book original, refreshing. challenging and enjoyable and hope that it will be widely read by students and librarians: Judith Palka.

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