Moorehawke Covers Win Aussie Book Design Awards!

The Poison Throne The Crowded Shadows The Rebel Prince

Congratulations to Designer Bruno Herfst and illustrator Elise Hurst who danced away as winners of the Best Designed Children’s Series at the 59th Annual Book Design Awards last night*! No-one need reminding of my adoration for the marvellous, wonderful, mindblowingly awesome Miss Elise Hurst at this stage 🙂 so I shall just leap up and down like a mad thing and shout yeay yeay YEAY at the top of my lungs. I’m so happy that she and Bruno have been recognised for the incredible work they’ve done on the trilogy.

Congratulations too, to the amazing team at Allen & Unwin. I adore those guys and its terrific to see them walk, skoot, skate and saunter off with so many well deserved accolades this year.


*and as finalists in best book for The Rebel Prince 🙂

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2 Responses to Moorehawke Covers Win Aussie Book Design Awards!

  1. YEah! Congrats! And the amazing story helps too. 😉

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