Moorehawke Mug updates

Quick note 15th Jan 2012: Hi guys, the site stats tell me that folks are still clicking the links for Moorehawke Merchandise. The mugs etc were only available for the weeks around Christmas (as a little treat for Moorehawke fans.) The shop is closed now until Christmas 2012. 

xox C

As you know, I’ve made some of the Moorehawke drawings available as prints and fridge magnets (just for a limited period coming up to Christmas.) But I wasn’t really happy with how the drawings looked on the mugs. So I’ve tweaked the designs a little, adding a slogan to the ‘kiss’ ones. Isolating the centre panel on the webcomic one and also adding a Moorehawke map mug. You can find all the new mug designs HERE. Or see below for more details.

The ‘couples’ mugs show Wynter & Christopher, Razi & Embla, or Sólmundr and Ashkr. The slogan reads ‘Beidh chuile rud go maith, a chroí’ which means (approximately) ‘Everything will be alright, darling’.

Chris & Wyn Moorehawke Mug
Razi & Embla Mug


Sól and Ash


Tenderness Mug-0-


That’s it folks. All available as mugs for the next couple of weeks coming up to Christmas. I’ve had some interest in fridge magnets and mugs featuring The Little Orange Cat from Poison Throne and Coriolanus from The Rebel Prince. As I’m having a hard time writing at the moment I think I might settle down and see if I can design a little cat related drawings today. Not promising anything, but we’ll see where it goes : )

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4 Responses to Moorehawke Mug updates

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  2. I like the saying with the pictures. 🙂 Thank you! I like the one of Christopher and Wyn. How long again are you keeping these available? Just till Christmas. I’ll have to see if I can get one squeezed in.

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