Lloyd Shepherd’s Pirating dialogue

back orf, ye curs!

I know, I know I’ve said all this before. But the piracy problem hasn’t gone away – though I have noticed a slight upsurge of sympathy from the public now that more of us writers are giving our side of the problem ( as opposed to the ‘shut up you greedy bitch’ (actual quote) and ‘congratulations on kissing your career goodbye’ (actual quote) response to my 2009 request that folks please stop pirating my work*)

Regardless of how often its been discussed, or how tired you may be of it, Llyod Shepherd’s article in the Guardian about how he opened dialogue with the pirates of his latest book is a very very interesting read.

* have linked to the 2010 repost as the original is so defaced by hackers (though you can still read it here)

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